February 27, 2005

Jackie in Australian News

Thanks to Kids Corner news hound Matty for sending this clip from an Australian newspaper:

Thanks Matty!


Birthday Cards for Jackie

Just a reminder that Jackie's birthday is coming up soon. Now is the time to get going and make a fabulous card for Jackie's 51st birthday. Jackie DOES look at the cards and even comments on them, so get yours into the Kids Corner soon. Click here for details. Check out this nice card from Carol of Scotland (posted on the Adults' Cards to Jackie page):


New "Jackie Chan Movie That Wasn't"

Click the "poster" to see them all!

February 26, 2005

Jackie on Japanese Variety Show

Jackie appeared yesterday on the long-running Japanese variety show, Waratte Iitomo (It's Okay to Laugh), which, according to Japan-zone.com, "has run since 1982. Broadcast on [Japan's] Fuji TV every weekday (with highlights and outtakes at the weekend) the show has variety sections involving the studio audience but is basically a chance for people to plug their latest show, movie or CD. Appearing on the show is a must for visiting foreign stars, who are expected to join in the stupid games and quizzes they do. The show is filmed in the Studio Alta building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Anyone not lucky enough to draw a winning ticket to join the studio audience can still watch the show on the giant TV screen outside the building."

Although the show (and the video) is in Japanese (Jackie has an interpreter sitting to his right), it is still great fun to watch. Jackie appears to be having a lot of fun playing the games. Thanks to Marie M. for the links. Click below (there are three parts) to view the show:

Waratte Iitomo 1

Waratte Iitomo 2

Waratte Iitomo 3


Great New Buddy Bear

From Carol in Scotland!


New "Movie That Wasn't"

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February 25, 2005

Jackie in Japan Promoting NPS

Jackie is in Japan at the moment promoting the March 5th premiere of New Police Story. Jackie has a large fan base in Japan and the movie has been greatly anticipated.

Daniel Wu, Jackie, and Nicholas Tse in Japan.

Another shot of Daniel, Jackie, and Nic

Photos: Goo


Birthday Cards for Jackie

Click the card above to see the first birthday cards which have arrived at the Kids Corner!

February 24, 2005

Traces of a Dragon Heading for Japan

It looks as though the documentary about Jackie's lost family is heading for a showing in Japan on March 5 of this year. If you would like to see the trailer for the documentary, click on this link and then click on the lower video link (the one pointed at by the pink arrow). It shows a great little piece of the documentary!


You can also view it here but it's a smaller file.


Jackie Honored by Roadshow Magazine

Jackie has been honored for his contributions to the "cultural establishment" (film) by Japanese Roadshow Magazine. This is the first time that a foreign entertainer has been given such an award. Photos from Sina:


Jackie Chan Xavix Toys Due Out This Summer!

Good news about Jackie's latest endeavor - the Jackie Chan Xavix interactive video system is due out this summer. Click here for a whole bunch of videos of Jackie in Las Vegas demonstrating his newest toys!



February 23, 2005


In only two months, the Jackie Chan Kids Corner Forum has grown to over 100 members! These members come from countries all around the world - a big international family! Here are the countries we're from:



South Africa
United States
Hong Kong


The Kids Corner forum has evolved into a friendly and safe place for kids (well, mostly kids) to talk about Jackie and other things. The forum is very closely monitored by two adults and registration is required to post. This prevents anyone from posting anything obscene or nasty. The kids at the forum refer to themselves as a "family" and there is a real feel of family there. If you haven't checked it out already, come join the fun now! Congratulations to all the members of the KC Forum!


It's That Time of Year Again...

The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations yesterday announced their Artist of the Year (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and this reminded the webmaster that Jackie was chosen for this honor in 2001. Artist of the Year is an honor bestowed upon an individual who makes a distinguished contribution to the arts and to humanitarian efforts. Of course, Jackie fits that bill perfectly. Here he is at the ceremony in 2001:



February 22, 2005

Brrrrrrr! Poor Jackie!

According to Oriental Daily, Jackie JUMPED into the sea yesterday in freezing cold weather. The reason? A photo shoot (or additional filming?) for The Myth. The Myth wrapped up a while back and is in post-production. Jackie is shown below (with director Stanley Tong) pouring warm water over himself after jumping into the frigid sea.



Click the banner above to read all the results from the Kids Corner Survey. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to participate!


Hanes Tagless T-Shirt Outtakes

Click Jackie to view a video of outtakes from last year's ad campaign! Thanks to Haarsha for sharing this video with the Kids Corner.

February 21, 2005

Jackie Attends 63rd Anniversary Party

Jackie attends the 63rd Anniversary party for the "English Emperor Group" in Hong Kong.

Photos: Sina

February 20, 2005

Jackie Chan Scholarship Available

The Jackie Chan Scholarship will provide financial assistance to two students each year. The scholarship is valued up to $8,000 each.

You can apply for a scholarship if you are:

· At least 16 years of age at the time of application

· Of Asian heritage

· A citizen or permanent resident of the United States

· Beginning full-time study at an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the United State in the Fall of 2005

· Able to attend the 17th Annual Excellence Awards program in May 2005

Click here for more information


Jackie's Los Angeles House!



Here are some photos of Jackie at his Beverly Hills, California house:

February 19, 2005

Jackie to Sell Los Angeles, Califonia House

Do you have a spare $6.7 million? Well if you do, read this!

Film star, movie director and businessman Jackie Chan has put his Beverly Hills, Calif., home on the market for $6.7 million.

Chan, who stars in the upcoming movie The Myth, plans to make his base in China, where he manufactures motorcycles and manages several businesses, according to Curtis Wong, a longtime friend and one of Chan's business partners.

Wong said Chan has a home in Hong Kong and other properties in China.

The actor's 7,600-square-foot Los Angeles home has five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and three fireplaces, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday

The dining room has a hand-painted ceiling and there is a gym that opens onto the backyard, a pool and a spa.

The house, built in 1986 and purchased by Chan in 1998, has been recently updated.


Video of Jackie in South Korea

Click on Jackie to see!


Jackie Attends Sogo Ribbon Cutting

Jackie attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Sogo Club, a large Japanese department store in Hong Kong. Here are a few photos:


Photo: Takungpao

Photo: Oriental Daily

And another photo of Jackie arriving at the Australia School's birthday bash!


Old Photo of Jackie from Hanes Ad


Thanks to "fanjackie" for this photo


More Photos of Jackie at AISHK

Here are a few more photos of Jackie being initiated as a Friend of the Australian International School of Hong Kong:

Photo: Sing Tao

Jackie is holding up the gifts he brought for the students. They are strips of actual film from his past movies mounted inside rulers. Jackie brought one for each student!

February 18, 2005

Jackie Attends School's Anniversary Celebration

Jackie Chan talks to the students at a celebration party for the 10th anniversary of the Australian International School in Hong Kong on Friday, Feb. 18, 2005. ( AP Photos/Lo Sai Hung )


Photo: Oriental Daily


Perhaps there will be more photos later, but in the meantime here are the thumnails from Hong Kong Images website:



February 18, 2005

Jackie and His Family

There have been some reports that Jackie is spending some time with his family during the Spring Festival. In the meantime....

Yes, it's that time of year again! Click the banner above for all the information you'll need to be a part of the Kids Corner Wishes Jackie a Happy Birthday Celebration!


Happy Valentines Day

There is absolutely no news about Jackie on any of the Chinese news sites! Although Jackie had mentioned wanting to spend some time at New Years with his father in Australia, there is no word about whether he did this or not. As soon as Jackie surfaces, we'll let you know what's new! In the meantime, have a Happy Valentines Day!

February 10, 2005

Jackie at CCTV Spring Festival

There are no photos from the event posted yet, so here is a screenshot from CCTV (Source: Sina)

Jackie did a very short performance where he sang the theme from Once Upon a Time in China. You can see a low-quality video by clicking here. You must have Windows Media Player to view this. Jackie's part comes more than halfway into this clip. Enjoy!

February 8, 2005

Jackie and the Kids Corner Christmas Cards

Jackie poses with the Christmas cards sent to him by the Kids Corner! Look at that smile!


As those of you who have been with the Jackie Chan Kids Corner (formerly the Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids) know, patience is important when waiting to hear back from Jackie. He's just such a busy guy and when things come his way, it often takes him a lot of time to respond. But he did respond! There are pictures of Jackie holding many of the cards. Unfortunately, the flash appears not to have gone off on the single photos (below) but you will still be able to recognize Jackie holding your card. Just click below to go to the photo album index:

A big thank you to Willie Chan for arranging for all these photos to be taken! We love you Willie!


Jackie Rehearses for CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Jackie will be performing a Shaolin Kung Fu dance. Here are photos from the rehearsal. (Jackie's wearing what appears to be his favorite JC Jeans shirt - he loves this one!)




February 6, 2005

Great New Coloring Page

Our Kids Corner Official Cartoonist is teaching English in China right now, but that didn't stop her from sending some great new drawings. As well as the beautiful New Year "2005" sign, Holly made a cute drawing of Jackie and a rooster setting off some fireworks. Here's the coloring page for that drawing:

Click on the thumbnail above for a printable coloring page. And don't forget to check out Holly's Studio where ALL her fabulous drawings are gathered into a gallery.


Jackie Gearing Up for Spring Festival

Jackie will be performing Shaolin Kung-fu at the CCTV's Spring Festival Celebration. Many famous stars will be there performing both traditional and modern pieces to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Click here to read an article about some of the planned events.


January Little Dragon News Online!

This month's newsletter has many photos, so please be patient as it takes a while to load. Don't forget - you can print out the LDN and share it with friends! Click the pic above to get the newsletter.

February 5, 2005

New Buddy Bear Designs

Check out the new Buddy Bear designs from Big Kid Lika! Click the bear (above).


Chinese New Year

Kids Corner cartoonist Holly has made some great drawings for the Chinese New Year. Check out all the Chinese New Year information at the Kids Corner Chinese New Year Page!


February 2, 2005

Jackie To Appear in HKTB Program

This from People's Daily Online:

Eleven well-known personalities will appear in a television program "Hong Kong - Through the Eyes of Celebrities" to attract more mainland travelers, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) said here Tuesday.

The star-studded cast of the program includes Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador Jackie Chan, former Olympic Games gold medals winner Fu Mingxia and film superstar Andy Lau.


Jackie, New Police Story Nominated

The nominations for the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards have been announced and Jackie has struck gold! Jackie has been nominated for Best Actor, Daniel Wu has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and New Police Story has been nominated for Best Picture! This is very exciting news! Congratulations to Jackie, Daniel, and the whole team that made New Police Story! Source:filmtotaal

February 1, 2005

Jackie Attends Teslar Watch Promotion

Not quite sure why Jackie was at this promotion of Philip Stein watches, but here he is looking very nice in his leather jacket:


January 29, 2005

Check This Out: Jackie Chan Toys!

There appears to be a new series of toys in production featuring our own hero Jackie Chan! Check out these photos (with information). No word yet on when or where these will be available for purchase!

Model: Shadow32 - JC Collection Series

Detailed Information:
This limited collectable series will be dressed-up
with JC JEANS by Jackie Chan. The same fashions,
shoes and backpack as this Shadow 32 will not be
found in any other Jackie Chan Action figures.
Each set comes with Jackie Chan printed signature,
certificate with I.D. number.


Model: JC Toys Series

Detailed Information:
Our philosophy is to let our end customers to
enjoy not only our toys, but also the warmest
connection when gathering with families.


Model: Shadow32 Hong Kong Police Series

Detailed Information:
This series show Jackie's positive police image
as honest, healthy and friendly. Each set comes
with Jackie Chan printed signature, certificate
with I.D. number.


January 28, 2005

Jackie Attends "Book Art Exhibition"



Jackie attended a "book art exhibition" of his good friend Lin Wenchieh and, as the honored guest, cut the ribbon. He was presented with the above framed collage of photos. Jackie expressed concerns about Chinese youth "neglecting their Chinese culture." (SOURCE: Wen Wei Po)

Jackie Chan Martial Arts University?

According to a Chinese news source (news.ent.tom), Jackie will be heading to Beijing next week to participate in the CCTV's popular Spring Festival (on February 2) and on the way there he will be inspecting sites for a future Institute of Movie Martial Arts. Jackie has looked around in Shanghai and in Beijing for a good place to build this school. Jackie wants this institute to be a place were there would be dormitories, dining rooms, and martial arts exercise and training rooms. He is hoping to attract future martial arts stars from all over the world. His vision for the school includes film editing classes, music, and performances. He hopes to complete this project in the next two years.


Kids Corner Survey

The survey will run just a few more days, so if you haven't taken it, please do so now! It only takes a minute and it will be much appreciated. There are places for you to put your comments and suggestions and the survey does not ask for your identity. Click here! Thank you for helping the Kids Corner improve by taking this quick survey.





Special thanks to Marie M. for supplying the Kids Corner with daily news updates about Jackie. She spends a lot of time hunting down the latest news and very generously shares it with the Kids Corner webmaster. Without Marie's help, this news page would not be the same. Thanks Marie!!!!



Please read this note from the webmaster!







Very Exciting News!!

This is THE coolest news of the year for the Kids Club!!!

As most of you know, Jackie has been keeping a diary for his fans while shooting Shanghai Knights. In the July 3rd diary entry, Jackie talks at length about the Kids Club and mentions each of the last 7 "Jackie's Kids" by NAME! As most Kids Club members know, Jackie has taken a keen interest in the newest Jackie Fan Club and he reads all of the newsletters. It is very exciting to read Jackie's comments about the club and its members! In the July 8th entry, Jackie mentions the Kids Club again, encouraging his young fans to join. Click the highlighted links (above) or read the diary entries at Jackie's Official Web Site. (From the August 12, 2002 News Report)








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