Here is an entry from Jackie's Diary for July 3, 2002:


I went to my room and read the last seven issues of “The Little Dragon News,” newsletter for The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids. Katharine Schroeder is the president and the editor. I am really happy that a fan club has been started for my young fans.

I know that many people have made friends after meeting in my international fan club for adults. The fans meet each other through various functions that are organized by the club. One member from Japan stayed with another member when she visited China. A couple met and got married after meeting each other in the club.

My fan club promotes friendship, tolerance and respect amongst people of different ethnicities, religious background, and gender. If we all made an effort to understand people who are different than us, then we can all live in peace.

I don’t want people to join the club just to support me. I want fans to join for themselves. By becoming a member, you can make friends all over the world.

Katharine has done a great job with the newsletter. Each one is fun, interesting and educational. Young people can learn about geography, history, language, biographies, cooking, games, art, and writing. Of course young fans can also learn about my life, my movies, what I am currently doing and which country I am in at the moment.

In each newsletter, young fans are encouraged to write a story about themselves and how I have become a positive influence in their lives. Below are some of those letters:

December 2001

Anthony Tino is a twelve year old from Westchester, New York. After watching my movie, “Supercop,” and reading my book, “I am Jackie Chan,” he considered me a role model. He liked the fact that I was “polite, funny and nice,” but I also had athletic abilities.

Anthony was overweight, but through Karate, has lost 25 pounds. He’s now a Brown Belt with honors. After watching “Twin Dragons,” he joined the school orchestra and can play bass. He’s also made four movies with “Jackie Chan-type outtakes at the end. This is how he described his meeting with me on the Regis Show.

“I was so happy that my insides felt like a clear sky with a big rainbow right after a heavy shower.”

January 2002

Kimberly Clemens is a four-year old girl who has made me her role model after watching, “Mr. Nice Guy.” When other people litter, she tells them, “This belongs in the garbage!”

On “The View,” she heard me talk about giving blood even though I was “yelling.” When she had her blood drawn during a stay in a hospital, she told her mom, “I’m braver than Jackie…I didn’t scream.” She couldn’t donate blood like I did, but she donated her hair to “Locks of Love,” an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness. She has become interested in Chinese culture, listens to my songs and can speak a few Mandarin phrases.

February 2002

Kourtni McFalls is a twelve year-old from Mississippi who wants to live a “martial arts life” like me, by being “honest, true and never giving up.”

Because she has AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), she studied Taekwondo to help her control her mind and her body. She says I inspire her because of my life philosophy...that “I never give up.” She has also embraced the same values and wants to be the best person that people know. This is how she describes me:

“He makes the world a nicer place.”

March 2002

Christine Esche is a fifteen-year old who started to study Taekwondo and kung fu after watching “First Strike.” Because I was able to survive a childhood where I was constantly beaten and starved, she uses that knowledge to inspire herself to work harder. She has now become good friends with Josh, the friend she saw my movie with, because he is also my fan. She believes that:

“There is no one more healthy and enjoyable to obsess over than Jackie Chan!”

April 2002

Alex Dodd is a seven year old who holds a black belt. His mom encouraged him to study marital arts and my films so that he could learn discipline and control. When he gets discouraged or upset, his mom brings me up and asks him how I would handle the situation. He recently raised over $300.00 for his school’s “Board Breaks for Cure” campaign to raise money for cancer research. Because I help people through charities, he also wants to be “a helper” when he grows up. This is what he has learned from me:

“If you are really smart, you can beat the bad guys without having to hurt them.”

May 2002

Stuart Donaldson is a fourteen-year old who joined karate and became a Class President because my films gave him confidence. He picks up garbage to keep his town clean and helps the elderly through a program called “The Duke of Edinburgh Award.” His twin sister also studies karate and together, they are known as “The Twin Dragons (the name of one of my films).” He is the owner of forty of my films and would love to work in my movie some day.

June 2002

Steven Hasse is a fourteen year old who says I inspired him to work harder, contribute to community service, and control his anger. Although he used to hate reading, my book, “I Am Jackie Chan,” has helped him appreciate reading. In fact, he wrote that:

“Every time I feel down, I pop a videotape of a Jackie film…it makes me feel better.”

After reading these stories, I am really happy that I can be an inspiration to so many people. I want these young fans to know that no matter how many obstacles are in your path, you can overcome them if you work hard. I will continue to work harder on making my movies. Because of you young fans, I will try too make sure that all my films continue to be educational.

Thanks to all of you for being a member of “The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids.” I look forward to reading more of your stories.


The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids has merged with the Jackie Chan International VIP Fan Club. The Kids Club is not taking any new members. To join the VIP Club, click here.