Here is the diary entry for July 8th where Jackie talks about some things that are important to him. At the very end, he mentions the Kids Club once again:

I think it’s important that people know the personalities behind the faces on the screen. By writing my diary, I am opening my life to you, behind the scenes. I have also shared my cast and crew experiences with you so that you will have a better understanding of all the people involved in the process of making a film.

Remember that we are also people too. We eat, we sleep, we laugh and we cry. We are sad, scared, excited and mad. The roles we play do not always define who we are as people. When we make a film, we are creating an illusion. I hope you are able to embrace the values all my characters have in common: friendship, honor, love and self-respect.

I want to thank you fans for giving me the opportunity to share my adventures with you. By having to write this diary, I am forced to express myself in English. Thanks to you, I know my language skills are better. I know some of you fans have never been on a film set, I hope I have unveiled some of the mysteries about what it’s like to make a film.

I hope this diary also gets you excited about seeing our film “Shanghai Knights.” When you watch the film, you will understand the how much work happens behind the scenes before you can even see the completed film.

Now you have a better understanding of what it’s like to travel to three countries to make a film, to work seven days a week, to go into an actor’s mind when he has to do a stunt, to be bitten by a horse, to go antique shopping or site seeing with me.

Thank you for all your support. I hope I can continue to write a diary on every film because this has been a really good experience. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and daily schedule with all of you.

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