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April 30, 2003

Shanghai Knights is doing great at the box office in India; it is the fourth most popular movie there (and has been for the past few weeks). Thanks to Marie M. for finding this story.

In case you missed it, click here to see some pretty clever places where the Shanghai Knights promotional posters turned up.

In an effort to help visitors navigate the Kids Club website, the webmaster is adding a drop-down menu to the pages. At the top of each page you will find the words "Navigate the Kids Club Website." If you run your mouse over it, a menu should drop down enabling you to easily jump to most areas of the website. Not all the pages have this menu yet.

There's a new "Jackie Chan Movie That Wasn't" added to page three. Click here to see it!

April 29, 2003

Not a lot of Jackie news out there today (which means that Jackie is busy filming ATW80D).

According to The Twins Effect should be arriving on screens in Asia on June 22. As you might recall Jackie has a small part in this film.

Here's a nice photo of Jackie from the Sun:

Jackie giving the "thumbs up" for the Kids Club web site's return. Well, maybe that's what he's doing.

Now that the Kids Club site is up and running again there will be more "Jackie Movies That Weren't" as soon as the webmaster gets some more inspiration. If you have a suggestion (or a fake poster that you made) send it! To see the newest Jackie Movies That Weren't, click here.

One more thing - - if you see something on the Kids Club web site that isn't quite right (i.e. a link that doesn't work or a photo that doesn't appear) please email the webmaster so she can fix it. Thanks.

April 28, 2003

Well it's been a long hard haul but the Kids Club web site is FINALLY back! Thank you for being patient while this server problem was being sorted out.

Jackie is in Berlin right now filming Around the World in 80 Days. New additions have been added to his set diary so click here to read them. Now that Jackie is in Germany he will be teaching everyone some German words and phrases. Click here to read them.

Two more celebrities have signed on to have a cameo in Around the World in 80 Days. Source


_____________________John Cleese___________ _Arnold Schwarzenegger

April 24, 2003

Lots of new photos are up on Jackie's Official Site. There are pictures of Jackie celebrating another birthday on the set of a movie. The Jackie Teaches Thai web page has been updated with all the new words and phrases that Jackie added in his latest diary entries. Click here to see all the words and phrases!

April 23, 2003

Jackie's Around the World in 80 Days Diaries have been updated! Click here to read the latest.

Filming has begun in Germany so we can look forward to more Jackie news in the coming days and weeks!

April 22, 2003

There are some great new photos up at Jackie's Official Web Site.

April 20, 2003


April 19, 2003

No Jackie news today....all is quiet. However, there is a new addition to the "Movies That Weren't" here to see it!

April 18, 2003

***Mild Spoilers Ahead***

Check out these exclusive photos of Jackie preparing for his role as Passepartout in Around the World in 80 Days!




All photos are ©2003 The JC Group and are used with permission. Please do not "borrow" these photos (no screenshots either!) because if you do you may jeopardize the Kids Club chances of continuing to get great exclusive photos like these!

Recently Jackie showed off one of his three houses in Hong Kong. There are props from his movies in nearly every room! Thanks to Marie M. for finding this photo and story.


April 17, 2003

The Twins Effect web site is up if you'd like to have a look. You need Flash! to view it.

As many of you know, Jackie recently gave his father a new apartment in Hong Kong as a gift. Here is an exclusive look at Papa Chan's reaction:




All photos are ©2003 The JC Group and are used with permission. Please do not "borrow" these photos (no screenshots either!) because if you do you may jeopardize the Kids Club chances of continuing to get great exclusive photos like these!

There are some new and absolutely hysterical additions to the Jackie Movies That Weren't page. Click here to see the latest.


April 16, 2003

Jackie talks about the dying art of Chinese Opera in an interesting article published on's Daily News page.

Don't forget to vote for Jackie, Owen, and Fann for the MTV Movie Awards nominations. The links are listed below.

Here's a shot of Jackie from The Twins Effect movie which is due out in Asia this summer. Thanks to pinoy for the link.


April 15, 2003

Shanghai Knights has been nominated for two 2003 MTV Movie Awards that airs on June 5th. Jackie and Owen have been nominated for best on-screen team (vote here) and Fann Wong and the Palace Guards have been nominated for best fight (vote here). Congratulations to Jackie, Owen, Fann, and the others! Thanks to Marie M. for finding this latest news.

There are a few new photos up on Jackie's Official Site. They're a little dark, but they're there.

No Jackie news today. Check back later or tomorrow for any breaking stories.

April 14, 2003


Hey kids! There are new photos of Jackie on his Official Site - this time Jackie's dressed up as an Indian woman! Click here to take a look.

There are some new additions to the Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't page - thanks to Gary for the latest movie poster. Lots of people are sending in their ideas but sometimes it's hard to find good photos to work with. So if you don't see YOUR idea up there, don't fret.

April 13, 2003

Jackie has won the "Best Male Butt Kicker" award from Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. Congratulations to Jackie! He was also nominated for "Favorite Male Movie Star" but that category was won by Adam Sandler.

Jackie at the 2001 Kids Choice Awards.

April 12, 2003

There are new photos up on Jackie's Official Site....go have a look!

There was a rumor circulating on the Internet that Jackie is in the hospital. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! A confirmation from the JC Group assures us that Jackie is fine, so don't worry.

There's a new addition or two to the Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't page. If anyone wants to contribute a movie poster or if you'd like to BE IN a movie poster, just send either a poster or a picture of yourself to the webmaster and she'll do her best to include you or your work.

Don't forget to enter the Shanghai Knights You Write The Sequel contest. You could win a fabulous calendar. The rules have been changed don't have to draw a picture to go with your story idea.

April 11, 2003

Because of the awful weather in Thailand, shooting has been delayed for Around the World in 80 Days. Once they wrap in Thailand, Jackie and crew are bound for Germany to continue the shoot.

According to the Daily Fluff, Jackie has invited Maggie Cheung to make an appearance in ATW80D. (Thanks to Marie M. for hunting down this story.)

There's still time to vote for Jackie for the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. Click here to vote!

New additions have been made to the Jackie Movies That Weren't page. Remember that everyone's invited to contribute!

There are new photos up at Jackie's Official Site.

April 10, 2003

First some important news: The Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids web site will be switching servers sometime today and there may be some outages today or in the next few days. Please be patient and keep in mind that the web site is just being managed, not deleted permanently. Sorry for any troubles that may occur.


Kids Club member Shane and Kids Club contributor Kay have added some very funny Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't posters to the ever-growing collection. Click here to see them all! A big thank you to Shane and Kay!

There has been a change to the "Shanghai Knights: You Write The Sequel" contest. It is now NOT NECESSARY to draw a picture to go with your story. Perhaps this was too much to ask. So click here to get all the info....and remember, you can win one of the AWESOME JC Group Official calendars. They're HUGE and beautiful and they're YOURS FOR THE TAKING....all you have to do is come up with your idea for the sequel to Shanghai Knights. You still have almost 3 weeks to submit your entry. Don't pass up your chance to get one of these great's valued over $40!

Please visit this page and read about a wonderful chance encounter that a student had with Jackie in Central Park many years ago. Nearly 20 years later Nancy still remembers it as a special day.

April 9, 2003

While wandering around the web looking for Jackie news the webmaster ran across a very sweet story about a teenager's chance encounter with Jackie Chan in New York City's Central Park. Click here to read it.

According to May's Premiere Magazine, Jackie is # 94 of Hollywood's Most Powerful People.

Just in case Jackie didn't have enough planned in the way of future movie projects, he has signed on to play Nicholas Tse's father in The Sword Searchers, based on the popular Hong Kong comic book Magic Weapons. Plans are to begin shooting in China this July. Nicholas Tse is a Hong Kong singer and actor who starred in Gen-X Cops, a movie produced by Jackie Chan. Jackie also had a cameo in the film. Source: Screen Daily


The Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon series is a smashing success as evidenced by this report from Animation Insider:

Cartoon Network's Saturday Video Entertainment System block (Saturdays, 7:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.) has seen its ratings shoot up thanks in part to the introduction of Jackie Chan Adventures (Saturday, 10 p.m.). The action series from Sony provided 28% delivery gains with tweens 9-14 (719,000) and 16% increases with kids 6-11 (1,013,000). Ratings improved 26% with tweens 9-14 (2.9) and 17% with kids 6-11 (4.1).

Obviously Jacke has the Midas Touch when it comes to all kinds of projects! (To find out what the "Midas Touch" means, click here!)

There are several new projects posted on the Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't page. Have a look! If one of your projects is posted there and you would like credit, please email the webmaster. Some of those movie poster projects were found at the bottom of the webmaster's toybox and she forgot who made them! She can't credit anyone without crediting everyone since that wouldn't be fair.

April 8, 2003


Around the World in 80 Days will begin filming on April 16th in Germany! According to the Yahoo news site, everything is right on track.

In other news, Shanghai Knights has taken the number two spot at the UK box office. Congratulations Jackie! (Thanks to Marie M. for this breaking news!)

Some new additions to the Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't page on the Kids Club site:


Thanks to Colin for his "Matrix" idea!

To celebrate Jackie's birthday, the Northeastern United States had a big April snowstorm! This enabled the webmaster to spend more time updating the "Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't" page. Check out the newest additions. Remember to send in your suggestions! Thanks to Lisa S. and Mary for the latest suggestions.

____ ____


The Shanghai Knights DVD, due out July 22nd, promises to have lots to offer. According to a source the DVD will contain fight scenes which were cut from the movie PLUS a whole lot of bloopers! This is good news for Jackie fans who were left a bit high and dry by the Tuxedo DVD's lack of features.

Don't forget to check the "Fun Stuff" pages of the Kids Club website. There's always something....well, FUN there to see!

There is a "Write A Sequel To Shanghai Knights" contest going on right now. So far there hasn't been much response which actually causes your chances of winning an awesome (AWESOME!!!!!) Jackie Chan Official JC Group Calendar to go way up! Click here to get all the info.

April 7, 2003


Happy 49th birthday Jackie Chan!!!!!

Have a look at some of the birthday cards for Jackie sent in by his fans!

Here's a great photo of Jackie, Sammo, and others on the set of Around the World in 80 Days.


Photo: © (Thanks to pinoy on the JCMB for the link.)

From Owen Wilson's site comes a great interview with Jackie and Owen. Click here to read this at its source. (Thanks to Marie M. for this link.)

April 6, 2003

Some interesting news has trickled down from Chris Jones at the JCMB:

Whilst watching morning TV here in the UK, I managed to catch Owen and Jackie on a kids tv program. The interviewer mentioned watching 'Drunken Master' as a kid and went on to ask if Jackie was planning to make any 'classical' martial arts films again. Jackie replied that he would really like to make Drunken Master 3!

Now THAT would be exciting!

Don't forget, tomorrow's Jackie's birthday so light a candle and sing a song to him.

A new addition to the Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't...this one from a suggestion by Kids Club fan Colin. Thanks for the idea Colin! Keep the ideas coming!!!

April 5, 2003

Upsetting news about Highbinders/The Medallion: Columbia has succeeded in cutting the comedy scenes from the movie, according to According to source Nanfang Daily, both Gordon Chan and Jackie are upset with this decision.

Well, to make Jackie feel better the Kids Club webmaster has attempted to make one of his dreams come true. Check out the latest "Jackie Movie That Wasn't" to see what's up.


Click here to see all the Jackie Movies That Weren't. Thanks to Mary D. for her great suggestions! Do you have an idea? Would you like to be included in a "Jackie Movie That Wasn't" poster or magazine cover? If you have a CLEAR .jpg shot of your face, email it to the webmaster and she'll certainly try her best to use it!

April 4, 2003


Great news...Jackie has updated his diaries which he wrote while on location in Thailand. Set aside some time and read them all...they're fascinating. Surely Jackie's fans are the luckiest in the world to be able to get to hear firsthand what he is thinking and feeling. Jackie talks about the weather, the stunts, the food, and the people around him.

The Jackie Chan Teaches Thai section of the Kids Club web site has been updated with lots of new words and phrases from our "teacher."

According to Jackie, the city of Nevada has given him a sheriff's badge in honor of his Shanghai Knights character. Congratulations Sheriff Jackie! Jackie also mentions that a song from his last CD has been named one of the top ten songs of the year in China.

The Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't section of the Kids Club web site is a big hit! You know what that means.....keep your eyes open for new additions to this fun page! There was a new one added today! Everyone is welcome to submit a project to this page. Just come up with your own "Jackie Chan Movie That Wasn't" and using your Photoshop (or similar) software create a movie poster. Then mail it to the web master at

It looks like Highbinders (renamed The Medallion) is set for an October 17th release in the US.

According to, British comedian Dom Joly has been added to the cast of Around the World in 80 Days.


Dom Joly Source

April 3, 2003

According to, filming has been completed in Thailand and Jackie and the team are headed for Germany.

The South China Post reports that Jackie's 19 year-old son Jackson Chan (Chan Cho Ming) will be releasing a pop album in July. If good singing voices run in the family then he should be very successful!

"JC" Chan

Have you ever wondered about all those Jackie Chan films that never quite make it into the theaters? Well the Kids Club got an exclusive peek at a few Jackie flicks that just never made it past the discussion stage. Click here to have a look.


April 1, 2003

In a shocking announcement at a news conference in Thailand, Jackie Chan has said that he is retiring for good. After walking off the set of Around the World in 80 Days, Jackie called the news conference to announce his stunning plans:

"I'm moving to New Zealand to start a free-range poodle farm. After seeing the way poodles are primped and groomed throughout the world, I feel that it is my obligation to provide them with a place where they can roam free and wild the way nature intended. I've purchased 600 acres in a remote area and have set up the Jackie Chan Poodle Preserve where these wonderful creatures can hunt and roam free."


Jackie left for New Zealand immediately following the press conference saying, "I've had a good run but the poodles of the world need me now and I must go to them."

Jackie Chan on his New Zealand Poodle Preserve (Click here)
















This is THE coolest news of the year for the Kids Club!!!

As most of you know, Jackie has been keeping a diary for his fans while shooting Shanghai Knights. In the July 3rd diary entry, Jackie talks at length about the Kids Club and mentions each of the last 7 "Jackie's Kids" by NAME! As most Kids Club members know, Jackie has taken a keen interest in the newest Jackie Fan Club and he reads all of the newsletters. It is very exciting to read Jackie's comments about the club and its members! In the July 8th entry, Jackie mentions the Kids Club again, encouraging his young fans to join. Click the highlighted links (above) or read the diary entries at Jackie's Official Web Site. (From the August 12, 2002 News Report)

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