August 31, 2002




August 30, 2002

Well, today's news falls under the "FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL" category! Here's the latest:

Word from Hong Kong has confirmed that Jackie WILL NOT be filming The Bellboy in Las Vegas this year.

In other news, Jackie is in Los Angeles, California finishing up some last minute work on The Tuxedo. According to the UK Web Site, Around the World in 80 Days will NOT be filming in Prague because of the recent flooding.

As you see, things change constantly in Jackie's world....that's why it's so important to check back here on a regular basis for all the latest news!

August 29, 2002


A new Jackie Chan Fan Land story has been added to the Kids Club web site!!!!! This is very exciting news. The new story is about Sing Lung Elementary School. Click here to read it!


There's also a new drawing posted in the Jackie Chan Art Gallery. Thank you to Megan for your wonderful drawing! Click here to see it.

August 28, 2002

From the IMDb web site here are the latest worldwide release dates for The Tuxedo:

Country / Date

USA / 27 September 2002
UK / 18 October 2002
Australia / 7 November 2002
Spain / 8 November 2002
Germany / 21 November 2002
Argentina / 5 December 2002
Denmark / 6 December 2002
Netherlands / 12 December 2002
Belgium / 25 December 2002
France / 25 December 2002


August 27, 2002

According to the Monkeypeaches web site, Jackie will be starting the filming of "The Bellboy" in Las Vegas, Nevada next month. That means that Jackie would have 8 weeks to film before beginning "Around the World in 80 Days" in Prague. Whew! Jackie sure does keep busy.

Jackie also announced that Hugh Grant might star in "Around the World in 80 Days" as Fogg. During this same interview, Jackie expressed a wish to play a Jedi in the next Star Wars movie. could happen!


August 23, 2002

Jackie and international filmmaker Edward Yang announced that they would join together to produce animated movies, cartoon series, online games, and online animation. With the success of The Jackie Chan Adventures in the US, Jackie and Mr. Yang are obviously hoping to attract audiences in other parts of the world with the new animations. Click here to read more about it on Jackie's official site.

There's a very cool Flash movie that you can watch at the site. Click here to get to the site and then click on the photo of Jackie that says "Welcome."

In other news, the UK Fan Club web site has posted a November, 2002 start for filming of Around the World in 80 Days.

August 22, 2002

The release date of Shanghai Knights has once again been changed. The official SK web site is posting a February, 2003 release now. In the world of movies things change constantly, so even this may not be the final release date. Keep checking the Latest Jackie News for the most recent developments.

In other news, the Tuxedo DreamWorks fansite is plugging the Kids Club web site! This is very exciting because more exposure means more members and more members means more possibilities to make this a truly international club. Right now we have members from all over the world, but it would be great to have even more.

Thanks to all who sent in postcards. Anyone can send a card don't have to be a member of the Kids Club. The postcard project was started to showcase the many countries that Jackie's fans come from. If you would like to send a postcard of your town, just mail it to:

The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids

P.O. Box 556

Peconic, NY 11958 USA

If you'd like to write a little something about your town, feel free...I'll put that up on the site as well.

August 16, 2002

Anticipation for the release of The Tuxedo is getting higher as the weeks go by.

If you'd like to read Entertainment Weekly's previewof The Tuxedo, click here. To read ET's preview of of Shanghai Knights, click here.


August 15, 2002

Good news for Rush Hour/Rush Hour 2 fans: according to an interview given by Brett Ratner (Director, RH and RH2), Rush Hour 3 is in the works and is expected to start filming in January, 2004. Of course many things could change between now and then, but it's good to hear that they're planning another Rush! Ratner says that Chris Tucker and Jackie will start off in New York and then end up someplace where they are both "fish out of water."

According to sources, The Tuxedo's UK release date has been set for October 18th.

Kids Club member Dan reports that the preview for The Tuxedo was showing when he went to see Spy Kids 2. Says Dan, "It looks like it's going to be a very, very funny movie!" Dan was also lucky enough to get a glimpse at the Shanghai Knights preview (by peeking in the door of another theater). He says it looks "awesome!"


August 13, 2002

The Shanghai Knights web site has been updated! Click here to view Jackie's latest set diary entry which includes video clips from the filming of the movie. There are some very funny takes.

In the past few weeks many people (both Club members and non-members) have sent in postcards. The postcard section has been updated. There is no deadline for sending in a postcard.....there are cards from all over the world now! They are quite colorful and fun to look at. If you'd like to send a card, you don't have to be a member. Just send a postcard of your town to:

The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids

P.O. Box 556

Peconic, NY 11958 USA

Jackie often speaks about international friendships promoting peace. The postcard project is a good way to show how people from all around the world can come together in friendship.

In other news, yesterday Hong Kong's The Sun reported Columbia Pictures, the international distributor of Jackie Chan's newest Hong Kong production HIGHBINDERS (except Asia and France), has rejected the delivery of the movie because some dialogues had been changed without their permission. When being interviewed by Shenzhen's Nanfang Daily, director Gordon Chan tried to set the record straight. He said, "The American are satisfied by the cut we have right now and don't want Jackie Chan and I to alter it any further. To them, the action sequences are good enough, but Jackie and I think the story is still not strong. Columbia won't give us any more time because they has reserved a timeslot for it (May, 2003?). We have been arguing on this for a while. Jackie and I decided, if we can't resolved it, we will make two versions the movie as the last resort, because majority of the audiences is still in Asia." When being asked whether it was because the Americans could not understand the Chinese style funny dialogues, he said "not just that, changing dialogues is not the vital point, it is more about the cultural difference." None of the the screenwriters are Chinese and possibly, some dialogues from the script have been changed to let Jackie Chan talk more like a Chinese. Gordon Chan said they has originally planned to release it in Asia next February (around the coming Chinese New Year), but due to the delay, now he was only hoping the CG effects could be done by the end of this year.

Source: JCMB



August 12, 2002


This is THE coolest news of the year for the Kids Club!!!

As most of you know, Jackie has been keeping a diary for his fans while shooting Shanghai Knights. In the July 3rd diary entry, Jackie talks at length about the Kids Club and mentions each of the last 7 "Jackie's Kids" by NAME! As most Kids Club members know, Jackie has taken a keen interest in the newest Jackie Fan Club and he reads all of the newsletters. It is very exciting to read Jackie's comments about the club and its members! In the July 8th entry, Jackie mentions the Kids Club again, encouraging his young fans to join. Click the highlighted links (above) or read the diary entries at Jackie's Official Web Site.





August 9, 2002

Visit the Jackie Chan Art Gallery for the latest drawing by the incredibly talented Kids Club member, Landi. Landi has many drawings in the gallery and each new one he submits is truly a gift to all of us. Click here to view Landi's latest.

Jackie was featured in Premiere Magazine's September issue in an article called "Full Mettle Jackie." In the article Jackie discusses the differences between Hong Kong movie making and American movie making. He talks about his work on his newest movie, "The Tuxedo" which premiers on September 27 in the US.


August 8, 2002

Well, things have been pretty quiet on the Jackie Front this past week as Jackie traveled from Hong Kong to Beijing to prepare for a photo shoot. Click here to see some snapshots of Jackie filming a JC EYEGEAR commercial. Check out Jackie's cool hairstyle....a very popular style in Asia right now.

In other news, a recent survey of Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (Filmart) participants voted Jackie the most popular Hong Kong actor. He was also voted as the second most popular director. (Source: Hong Kong Entertainment News In Review web site).

For Jackie fans who live in the London area, Hong Kong Legends is preparing for the second Fight Night double feature. Hong Kong movie fans should mark their calendars for September 19 - the date that the completely remastered "Young Master" (along with John Woo's "The Killer") will be showing at the Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square in London.

Click here to download clips from the motorcycle commercial that Jackie filmed recently.

Jackie will be featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Tribute Magazine (Charlize Theron is on the cover). Click here to read the interview.

August 2, 2002

According to a spokesperson for Dreamworks, the US premier of Jackie's much-anticipated "The Tuxedo" has been changed to September 27, 2002.

There have been some new additions to Jackie's Diary on his official web site. Click here to see them.

There have been a few new additions to the Postcards project, so go take a look. Thanks to everyone who sent in a postcard; it's starting to look very colorful! Remember can sign the new GuestMap by clicking the icon below.