by Nina

Flat Jackie arrived in my letterbox in the afternoon.

He felt a bit frozen after his long journey and he was happy to get into the warm house. Our door bell works with a radio signal and so he rang the bell and went to my door and waited for me to let him in. When I heard the bell ring I went to the door and opened it to look who could be outside. Suddenly I heard someone shouting from the ground:
"AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaah, both hands up in the air and don't move!" I was confused and started with "Oh hello Jackie, welcome to my house"! But he kept shouting: " I told you not to move, be quiet and hands up or I will make Chop Suey out of you!!!!" I stuttered:" But Jackie what have I done, what's the problem?" Jackie: "I will tell you the problem you criminal burger!" And suddenly I understood and noticed that I didn't put my costume off. I put it on to look how it fits for carnival next week.

So I told him very clear that I am not a burglar but the next fan he was sent to. As I took off my costume he saw that all was a big misunderstanding and we started over with a warm HELLO. After we had spoken a while to each other I decided to show my "Jackie Altar" and my living room in little asian style to him.

I hope he liked it because while showing it seemed to me that he was still a bit shocked *haha* Our first day was not long and we went to bed early because we both hat to get up at 5'o clock in the morning on the next day. As the alarm clock rang I was sleepy, but Jackie jumped and jumped and was awake- I didn't wonder because his fitness is better than mine. I told him that I have to go to work now and because it will be a long day and I will not have time for him I decided to let him stay at home and play with my dogs.

But I exhorted him to stay inside because of the strong wind outside. Oh god, silly me!!! I should have known better that he wouldn't pay attention on my warning! And so it happened that he was blown away from the strong wind. But he had luck because he was caught in the apple tree next to him. *PHEW*

The rest of the day he was more careful. He was a very good helper for me because he gave food to the rabbits

and he carried the wooden sticks into the house of my parents to burn them into the often and keep it warm in the house.

Then He ate a big sand which I bought for him and watched TV.

As I come home I promised him that we will make something together on the next day. So we baked together some cookies for Claudia (the next person he will visit after me) and some sweet apples for my colleague in the night shift.

Do you see him making nonsense on the often?!

Do you know what the little guy told me as I exhorted him to be cartful.....? Jackie:" Dangerous? For you it is dangerous, for me it is just another simply stunt, yippiii"! What a brashness!!!!! I am in worry and he is laughing.
Then it was time to go into the night shift. Sorry, it wasn't a quiet night, me and my colleague were alone and we had so much work to do, so it was only time to take just one photo of Flat Jackie. But don't worry, nobody has missed anything because almost the whole night he slept. The photo is made in the morning as I started with the infusions into every room. Poor Jackie, I forgot about the injections on the right side of the table. As he saw the needles he jumped and hid behind the big bottles.

He started to shiver and so it was better to put him back into my big bag. Back at home we had a small talk and I told him that today he will start his journey to the other side of Austria. He asked me:" Are there also needles?". As I told him that I doubt he jumped into the envelope..... I think I scared him to much.... first the carneval outfit and then the needles... However, I had fun with him and I gave him a big kiss and wished him a wonderful trip and wonderful time with Claudia!

Yours, Nina





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