by Nelleke and Lisa

Jackie's bed.

Jackie playing in Lisa's room with playmobile.

Jackie make coffee for me in the kitchen.

Jackie in our living room

Jackie in the flowers

Jackie and Lisa go shopping

In the store

Jackie has a lot of fun

Jackie in the supermarket.

Jackie watching "Spongebob” on TV.

He has something to eat and to drink.

Jackie at our balcony.

Dinner in the evening with Lisa, eating soup.

Jackie going under the shower.

Good morning, it's wednesday, my breakfast.

More breakfast for Jackie & Lisa

Jackie goes to hapkido with Lisa

The flag from the club.

Jackie with Nick and Lisa (Nick is Lisa's master)

Last time Jackie, say goodbye to Nick

A good friend of Jackie. (It is Kitty!!)

We have a lot of fun with Jackie

Jackie loves romantic

The envelope for Nina

And dinner is served.

Jackie saw his own movie.

Jackie in the dreamcatcher,made from Lisa

Jackie visit Speedy and Tweety.


Thursday after school we going to Spijkenisse with Jackie. (Spijkenisse is a nearby town)

With a co-worker by the underground ,he loved the story from Jackie's journey

One minute to go

Jackie in Spijkenisse.

Jackie ice skating.

Children's fair

The baby goats are 4 days old

The baby goats are 4 days old

Shopping in the centrum in Spijkenisse

Jackie loved the old woman

A Chinese store

A beautiful view with Lisa

With me by the swimming pool in Spijkenisse

Going to the Dutch movie with Jackie "Oorlogswinter"

That was the foto session with Flat Jackie. We had a marvelous time with him.

Goodbye dear Jackie,you gave us an unforgettable time. We going to miss you, but the fun we had is in our hearts for good.

From Nelleke and Lisa
The Netherlands



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