by Claudia

Flat Jackie in West-Austria in February 2009

Soon after Nina sent Flat Jackie to the other part of Austria, he arrived at our home! (Nina lives in the eastern part and we in the western part)  It was great to meet him, although the weather was not so good and it was very, very cold! He was greeted from two amazing guys, “hanging around”

When Jackie arrived, he saw our oven for wood and as the journey seemed to be a little bit cold, he was quite happy to be a little at the fire,  but I warned him, that it gets very hot, very soon,..

When he saw the many snow outside, he wanted  me to make a picture from him and the snow! And the first day was sunny and nice!

Then we enjoyed a yummy breakfast together with many good things and the special brioches from Nina! They were really good! Thanks a lot, Nina!

During the day then I had to work and Jackie stayed in our home. In the evening he made some stretches and some climbings,….

Unfortunately  the weather turned then into very c old and bad outside, the next day… it was snowing and had a storm, so I couldn’t show Flat Jackie our surroundings,… but I showed him a lot of things in our house! He suddenly heard a “Miau” and asked me, where is the cat? We looked through the whole house and found her sitting in my daughters bed,… when I told him, that our cat is 19, Flat Jackie was amazed and told me, that he misses his cats and dogs sometimes! I can understand him! (And we were both quite sure, that we would like to sit now at the island on my daughters wall!)

On the way to our loft he saw some things, he already knew and he was amazed when I told him, that we and some other Fans of him also were in Venice at the Film-Festival in 2006 to see the real Jackie and “Rob-B-Hood”! 

In our loft Flat Jackie just jumped around, when he saw himself standing so big there! I told him, that I got this big advertisement pillar from some nice Fans of him, and some female Fans already slept with much joy “at his feet”! Flat Jackie had great fun with “climbing up to himself” and to Jennifer Love Hewitt!

He also mentioned many flaggs and I told him, that we got them from people from the Gymnaestrada,
a very big and amzing Gymnastic event which was held in our Country in 2007, with many people from all over the world, where we also helped a lot,…

,..then he wanted to play the drums of my son,…

,… and in the evening he helped me to make our “Chinese Springrole”, but it is filled with other things like onions, cheese, meat,…we just name it in this way, because it looks like a big Springrole.

In the meantime Jackie mentioned the many stones that are in my kitchen, also in the loft, in the floor,..well, they are just everywhere in our house and he was amazed to hear, that my husband, who never had time for a picture,… collects stones and specially small Crystals, they are nice for necklaces or bracelets!

Then, later, we had our last dinner with Flat Jackie, together with my daughter Jessie and her friend Vincent and my son Lukas! We all were very  happy to have Flat Jackie in our house and I was very sad to send him away from us, but the next Fans were already waiting!

It was nice to have you here, Flat Jackie!

Hugs from Claudia, Martin, Jessie, Vincent and Lukas



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