What did you like the most about the Jackie Chan Kids Corner?

The Latest Jackie News was mentioned most of all! Fans enjoy hearing about what Jackie's been up to. Here is what you like most about the Jackie Chan Kids Corner:

Always up to date, has latest news.
Discussion about Jackie. Meeting fans from all over the world.
Everything :-) It's a fun place to be and very entertaining.
Everything! Latest News, Buddy Bears, Contests, Art Galleries, Movie List, Etc.
Finding out more about Jackie, and reading about other kids.
Fresh news. Contest. People.
Good photos and stories
I Love Everything!
I like all the fun pages items and the news about Jackie.
I like it very much because its not a typical fansite.It´s more fun and JC Kids Corner do a lot with kids to show how Jackie really is. Not only fighting.
I like that various projects that kids themselves did are shown on the site. I'm sure that makes them feel good that their work is on Jackie's site. The stories of some of the kids are enjoyable as well. The photos are great!
I like the fact that it has a lot if fun things about my favorite action star! Keep it up!
I like the latest news, extremely up to date and great news. The Newsletter, Jabba's drawings, interesting Chinese facts, peoples experiences with China or Jackie.
I like the way it's set. It is very easy to use and find stuff!
I like the wide range of material posted here (Sharing corner, movies that weren't, news etc.) and the welcoming feel to the site.
I like very much the "Latest Jackie news"
I love Jackie Chan, I can do all his fighting. I like it best when the lady pushes a cake in his face.
I really enjoy the positive slant you give to everything! Also, with the help of your trusty cohorts, you are a very good source of news :-). Love your assortment of pictures, as well.
I really like all the variety of what can be found here. Lots of fun and interesting stuff, for kids of ALL ages. One of the best site ever!!!
I very like Kids Corner. Hongsiriluk Netnapa
I'm interesting for all relative of Kung Fu.
I'm very happy here.
It has the things I'm looking for when I need to know.
It's cute! I find it interesting to see what other people think about this man.
It's very kid friendly. Very colorful and interesting.
Kids and adults can participate and it is very friendly. There is a lot of news about Jackie on a daily basis.
Latest News
Latest News about Jackie and some stories from his funs and their activities on the site, like creating cards and others.
Many Do-it-yourself-and-show-the-other-visitors-things!
Print the trading cards
The Buddy Bear and T-Shirt Contest, the up-to-date news, all the great stuff and stories for kids ... I just like everything!!!
The Jackie Chan Kids Corner gives good, fun, and interesting news about Jackie. It is also very convenient and easy to navigate.
The News, Picture Page... to name a few
The contest's I like all the contest. And the site is everyday updated that great. And got very good information about Jackie.
The continuos and rapid news that is delivered. All the cool varieties of pictures of Jackie Chan. The fun and safe material all over the site. Pretty much everything!
The graphics, the ideas, the language, the neat way of presenting the news, not omitting any news, reliable information, great photos ( that are stored ), funny, funny, funny ideas ( oh, did I say that already? OOPSIE! :-P )!
The info and photos
The Latest news on Jackie.
The new fourm and the latest News
The news
The news and the way you make it easy for us to access the photos and interviews from obscure websites. Many thanks.
The news, diary and info on Jackie's activities(we don't hear much about him here in the UK)
The news,, the really close news about what Jackie his doing on the day, All the new pictures .. and a lot more!!:-)
The news.
We can send in pictures and drawings and see them on the site!
Don't have to be a member for some things
Everything I visit everyday
Everything! I really cant think of anything specific.
Funny, useful
I like that there is a lot to read up on and that the kids also get a chance of their own to learn about Jackie and what he has been up to.
I liked all the news , information and the fact that Jackie actually takes the time to read all the cards and responds to them!! that is very cool in my books!
I loved his pictures and his movies! I LOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN!!!!!!!! I'm your biggest fan ANNIE S. and I want to do my own stunts on movies when I grow up you've inspired me to do my best and because of you I take tae kwon do!
I love the buddy bears and the posting of all those cards/t-shirts made and sent to JC!!!! thanks for the daily news it keeps me on track of what JC is up to while filming!!!!! I love to know that JC is all right at all times and always!!!!!!!
Ireally like how the Kids Corner gives most of the information a true fan needs!
I think is knowledgeable to know this person for school
I'm not shore ... probably that you can post things on the site ... anything that you would like and that people are so nice with their replies
It's about Jackie the greatest martial artist ever
Latest news
Lots of interesting things to see
News about Jackie Chan who is my hero!
Photos, news, fan's project
The stuff done for the kids and by the kids
1-Photo Albums 2-News 3-Message Board
I liked the biography because of the karate baby at the top of the page.
Latest Jackie Chan News
That it was a fun,safe site to go to with tons of things to do and lots of information,pictures,and facts about my role model Jackie Chan.
The detail and so many information about Jackie an the other fans from him
Latest news
Personally, I like the initiative to collect Jackie's news in one place and very up to date!. also reckon the great-great effort focused for kids, hence then name Kids Corner ;)







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