Do you have any suggestions for improving the site?

Many of you said "No! I don't have any suggestions for improving the site." That's a good thing. It means that you're mostly happy with it the way it is. Some of you had some great ideas, however. Here are your suggestions with some responses from me, the webmaster:

A place for kids to ask questions to Jackie.

Several people asked for a special section where they could ask Jackie questions and have him answer them. There is already a section on the VIP website for asking Jackie questions.


A section for more teenagers... because I'll soon come of age to not be able to subscribe myself in contests and it's always a child who wins.. but it's great like that!

This website is geared for children and because the VIP website has contests for adults, there will only be contests for children here from now on. Adults are often encouraged to submit entries and they will continue to be invited to do so, but only children will be able to win contests and prizes.


Have a page where Jackie talks to the kids.

I will look into having a page where Jackie could share special messages JUST for Kids Corner visitors.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, when the fanscript from the forum is finished, you could add it somewhere.

I will do this.


I can't read it in Cantonese. Where are the Chinese bits?

Since I am not fluent in Chinese, this website will only be published in English.


I want to learn Chinese.

I will try to add a section where you can learn some Chinese. For now, if you visit the Kids Corner at, you can read the monthly "Learn Chinese" in the Little Dragon Newsletters.


I was wondering if links could be added on here to the Hong Kong Tourism board website, and other places where Jackie's movies can be bought and not sure if a link to the JC -News board could be added along with Jo Ming's News forum. Jo Ming has been mentioned on this website during the Tsunami - so was just wondering.

I will not be adding links to purchase Jackie items since this is a function of the main site. You can buy many Jackie items at the VIP store. The Kids Corner has a forum and that will be the only forum that is linked from the Kids Corner. The Kids Corner Forum is carefully moderated by two adults and since we cannot moderate other forums, we will not link to them.


I would not post news items or pictures that feature Jackie being affectionate physically to women who are very young. This sends a bad message to young girls and boys.

The Kids Corner stands by its decision to post photos of Jackie with all kinds of people. Jackie is a very loving and affectionate person and there are hundreds of photos of him hugging men, women, and children. The Kids Corner webmaster respectfully disagrees with the statement "This sends a bad message to young boys and girls." On the contrary, it is a GOOD thing to see Jackie acting like the loving human being that he is.


It's a little bit too white don't really mind Jackie's favorite color is white. No it's a very very good site.

Some of the older pages have white or blue backgrounds. Most of the newer pages (for the last two years or so) have backgrounds with dimmed-out graphics.


Jackie Chan games.

Right now it is not possible to have any games on the Kids Corner. You can visit the Jackie Chan Adventures website for many different things, however.


Also, I'd like to see pics of Jackie as a kid and his biography.

This is already on the website - it's linked from the Home Page.


No more adult participation on the web site and newsletters. It seems like the adults are taking over. It is a "kids club" web site not adults. The adult fans have plenty of places to go, this is the only place that is kid friendly.

Although the Kids Corner is intended for Jackie's younger fans, there are many many adults who regularly visit. I think this is a good thing. However, I understand your feelings. I will limit the contests to children in the future and only kids will be able to win prizes. Adults ("big kids") will still be encouraged to submit their entries to all contests and there will be a separate section where they can be viewed. I do think, however, that the stories contributed by some of the adult visitors have been well-received. Mary DeBerry's series on Hong Kong, Lisa S.'s stories, and even my stories have all been very popular - and they were all written by adults. I will continue to allow adults to participate in the Kids Corner website, the only limitation will be the contests. The Kids Corner welcomes everyone!


Maybe a questions page that kids can put their wonderings on?

The Kids Corner forum (message board) should cover this. Perhaps you would like to see a page where kids ask specific questions about Jackie and have them answered? Please email me with more specifics.


More Competitions
More contest for the children.

I'd be happy to have more contests, but you have to help come up with some ideas. I can tell you that several contests in the past have not had a very good participation level. I have found that any contest that involves writing is usually unsuccessful. The Buddy Bears, the Christmas Cards, and the Birthday Cards have always been very popular. The T-shirt contest was very popular as well. Any suggestions? Email me!


NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!! The only thing is try keeping the date of messages posted up to date because some of these news dates are posted a date too ahead.

Since the Kids Corner is visited by people all over the world, the date on the Latest News will sometimes appear to be a day ahead. If I update news at night (here in the USA) I will put the next day's date because otherwise it would seem to be a day behind if people in Australia or China were viewing it.


Maybe make the site a bit more detailed like a Flash Web site.

My dream is to add some Flash features to the Kids Corner. However, I will have to learn Flash first! I'm slowly learning.


More funny J.C.'s photo for kids!!!! Thank U so much.

Do you mean "Movies That Weren't" type of funny photos? "Jackie Chan Fanland" funny photos? Let me know! Email me!


You can give gifts like a Jackie Chan movie.

Gifts are given as contest prizes, but it's difficult to give movies because DVDs are often coded by region. So if someone in Europe or Asia wins a contest, they would not be able to view the movie they get as a prize!


Here are the rest of the suggestions/comments:

I think you're doing a good job.
Maybe some features on Jackie's films. I liked the articles that revealed the locations of Jackie's movies so that if we were ever in that country/city we could visit them. Thanks.
Maybe the Background can be more colorful and various.
Just KEEP IT AS IT IS, cause it's THE BEST! And how can you top that!!!? :-D
No suggestions; I think you do a fantastic job. Just a question. I think the map with the locations of the various members is interesting, but it never seems to change. Do you ever add new members?
No! It's PERFECT!!!
No! You did a very good job! Congratulations!
No, but keep up the good work
No, its fine the way it is.
No, its perfect!
No, this site is very very good.
No, you've done an amazing job and are always trying to add new ideas. Jackie and Willie are very fortunate to have you running this website!
None that I can think of. It's quite extensive and gives a lot of information.
Not for the moment.
Only one. If its possible to make a behind the scene section where we can follow Jackie's life every day.
You might want to add Jackie Q&A so that we can ask Jackie questions. If you can contact him.
Could you have Jackie singing on every page! that would be great!!!!!!! and more pictures!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just keep us up to date on our favorite action star, naturally more info the better
keep up the good work!
I wouldn't change a thing! (except maybe put a letter asking Jackie to visit Toronto)
In my opinion this site could not get any better the Webmaster has done a great job.
More information on Jackie Chan cards.
No because you got it nailed. Thanks.
No but it is very good.
None that I can think of..
Nope! It's great!
Not really.
We like it the way it is but maybe less adult participation seeing it is a kids club.
How to be like Jackie Chan?
I think this site is brilliant as it is! Keep up the good work, Kath! We all appreciate it very much. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. You are just great!
Things are kept up to date more (the diary) as on other sites the news is really up to date and appears on those sites before the official site. But very good site. Keep up the good work.
Actually no. The website is perfect.
Can't really think of one. It is a fantastic site and you are doing a fantastic job of it.
Your site is very fine as far as my taste is concerned...couldnt ask for more...BRAVO!!!!
Having a program where we can write to Jackie and he receives the message. This program should only be accessible to club members.
Not really, the site's design is rather simple which improves the navigation in most of the cases even if you have to scroll down the news page when the end of the month is getting closer. I think it's fine. Oh, I see no need to disable the right click functions of the mouse, all pics are downloadable anyway by reading the HTML code. It would be easier just to right click and save them.


My favorite comment?

"The best JC site in the world."




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