One of my favorite people that I met in Hong Kong was Patrick. He was our bus guide. He knew where we were going and made sure we were all on the bus after each event. He was always trying to make us laugh and stay happy. One time he was acting all excited and said, "You guys are going to meet Jackie and scream, 'Aaaaaah! Jackie!'" When we all went to see Jackie's private office, we saw three of Kath's paintings. Patrick was standing next to one when we took her picture with it. He was telling her what a good artist she is. Then after that, everyone who walked by he would point out to them that Kath painted it. Patrick made it fun to go on the bus every day.
One of the places Patrick took us to was Jackie's office. My favorite part about that was the loft. There were stairs you took up to it and it was all open. There was just a half wall. I remember there was a wall dividing two rooms. There was a space underneath the wall that was big enough to crawl under so you could get to the other room. It looked like one room was filled with beanbags and soft mattresses. It was cool looking.

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