Next we went to Jackie's private office. One cool part was the spiral staircases. There weren't any straight stairs going from floor to floor. And Jackie's hidden bedroom was really cool. I really liked his bed frame and the hidden walk in closet. He had a shoe closet on the other side of the hidden room where I saw a lot of cowboy boots. My most favorite part, though, was all the pictures of people sleeping that Jackie had on one of the walls on the lowest level. Brad Allan is my favorite stuntman and there was a funny one of him. I want to have a house someday that is a combination of the two offices. I liked the colors and furniture in the first office and the stairs and closet of the second one.

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong was the Giant Buddha. I got to see it on my birthday. I walked up all the stairs to get up to the Buddha and all the stairs inside the Buddha. I walked up all those stairs without stopping. When we were at the top, it looked like we could touch the clouds. You could see paths going through the mountains. You could barely see the people down on the ground. There was a gift cart inside the Buddha where I bought a necklace, a bracelet and a little bronze Buddha statue. The little Buddha I bought looks just like the big one, so now I have something to remember it by.

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