In January 2005 the Jackie Chan Kids Corner Forum was opened as a place where Jackie's younger fans could gather together online and talk about Jackie, meet other fans, and learn about new things. The goal of the message forum was to provide a safe place that was closely monitored where kids from all over the world could interact. As time went by, many kids and even some adults became active members of the forum and friendships began to form. Since 2005, dozens of people who met on the forum have had the opportunity to greet each other face to face either at the May 2006 Fan Party or at meetings they arranged on their own. Some traveled to Venice together to see the Rob-B-Hood premiere, others met up for visits to get to know each other better. This is the story of how one group of kids who met on the forum got together to create a unique gift for Jackie.

Sometime in 2005, Yuris (Holland) and Magali (Mexico) two kids who'd gotten to know each other on the Jackie Chan Kids forum, had an idea. They wanted to figure out some way to launch a worldwide project for Jackie; something unique and unusual. They contacted three other friends from the forum: Julia (USA), Matty (Australia), and Pinar (Turkey) and asked if they'd like to join in. They all agreed and then it was time to come up with a project that could be circulated around the world through the mail so they could all take part in its creation. Here's what Yuris told us:

So I came up with a paper handprint connection. We can't meet each other eye to eye, but with this it's like we can. When you meet a person, you always shake hands or you give someone a high-five, and this way we would be doing it with paper. When I started the project, the Kids Corner Forum was almost one year old. So I thought it would be great to make a birthday card all together. And I thought it would be a good idea to give Jackie Chan and the JC Group more information about us.

Here's what Magali (Mexico) had to say about the project:

Well who had the idea of this project was Yuris and then one day when we were talking on Messenger, he told me his thoughts and that he wanted to do something special for Jackie, then I gave him some ideas and we decided to ask for help to other members.
The project was travelling for ALL the world, first Yuris started in Holland, then me here in Mexico, after I finished with my part I sent it to Julia in USA and I think she sent it to Matty and then Pinar, at the end the project finished with Yuris again and he sent it to Hong Kong. We sent it to each person because we wanted to do it by ourself, and each one of us would be able to decorate, make or show what we wanted on the project, for that reason it took so much time to be ready.
We wanted to tell to Jackie how happy we were for being part of the forum and well, we already have 1 year on it or even more, almost 2 years in my case.We wanted to say thanks to Jackie for the friendship that we have around the world, and it seems already like if the world was a small place.
All this about the project happened in one year, but our thoughts and all the feelings that we wrote in that project have not changed, and I think they won't change in the future, our love for Jackie is really big and sincere and I think it is the only way to show him our love and admiration, we know that we dont have a real contact with him, but Jackie can be sure that he has many fans who love him around the world even if we dont know him in person, but well for us he is very important in our lives.
Thanks to Jackie I have many friends from different countries, with other culture or society but we have one thing in common and it is Jackie Chan. the biggest action star in all the planet, the man with an immense heart and the idol of many people like me.
I hope Jackie will be able to see the project soon, but if he can't soon, it is ok, we will wait very patiently. Say Hi to Jackie for us.

Well, Magali, your patience has paid off and Jackie did see your project when he was in Hong Kong on a short break from filming Rush Hour 3. He adored the project and here is what he said:

Wow! This is an amazing thing. To think that kids from all over the world can become friends this way! It makes me very, very happy. When I see something like this, it makes me want to work even harder! I think this project is very clever and creative and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me. High five!

Here are some photos of Jackie with the project. Click to see larger images.


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