On May 15, 2005 the members of the Jackie Chan Kids Corner Forum began to write a story together. The format used is a Story-Go-Round and it works like this:
Someone begins a story and writes a few lines, then stops (sometimes in mid-sentence!) and then the next person picks up where the first left off. This person then continues the story, adding his or her own ideas and then stops. The next person picks up where that person left off. And so on and so on. This story has been written by over 15 different kids and adults from countries all over the world!
Sometimes the story gets a little crazy as the writers try to continue where someone else left off. But it's all in good fun and parts of this story are hilarious! So enjoy, and if you'd like to join the fun, just sign up to be a member on the Kids Corner Forum. The story is still being written!
Note: Paragraph breaks in the story do not indicate where one writer ends an another picks up.


Adventures With Jackie
by the Jackie Chan Kids Corner Forum Members

Jackie was walking down the street and saw a little girl crying. He asked her why she was crying.
"I'm crying because I lost my temper and yelled at my best friend. I got mad at her because she dyed her hair blue. I wanted her to dye her hair green, like mine. I told her that her blue hair made her look like a Smurf. Now I feel bad because and I want to tell her that I am sorry; that I really like Smurfs!"

Jackie looked at the girl for a few minutes and then he ran over to the corner store. He quickly bought a gallon sized jar of PINK hair dye. He took the girl by the hand and said, "Come with me. I have an idea. Let's go over to the park. When we get there we will dye your friend's hair when she is sleeping and she will never know."

And she said, "But my friend doesn't live in the park. She lives in a house near the zoo. She likes it there because of the big panda, which, whenever she is there, always does back flips."

Jackie wanted to see this so they ran quickly toward the panda, forgetting that they were carrying a gallon of pink hair dye. Suddenly, Jackie lost his footing and the hair dye spilled all over Jackie's clothes and the little girl said, "Oh my goodness, Jackie! Your clothes are all pink and you've spilled a whole bunch of dye on the panda and all the other pandas are making fun of him, so Jackie felt really bad and started to cry.

"Don't cry," said the little girl to Jackie. "You can always wash your clothes; that dye will come out easily and as for the Panda well, that's going to be a bit of a problem. Why, he's completely pink and black now!!!! The panda looks just like a big strawberry chocolate chip ice cream cone! Maybe we should call the newspapers and get a photographer over here. If someone puts a photo of this pink panda in the newspaper, it could get people's attention and say that I found a new breed, and then I can travel the world with the pink panda. And Jackie since you are pink too you can be the stand in for the panda when he is ill, but don't expect him to be able to do the kinds of stunts you do. Hey look!!! Here comes Channel 4 news! Try and get Jackie out of sight for now and then we can show them the Panda and then make arrangements for an interview with Jackie. But first we have to come up with a good name for this unique pink and black panda. We'll say we found a new breed of panda and we'll name it the Rose Patched Panda. Quick! Someone grab the cameraman and we'll take some photos."

Meanwhile Jackie was hiding behind a huge wheely bin, but unfortunately Jackie's clothes were pink from the dye and he was hard to hide. Suddenly, the news reporters spotted Jackie. They turned from the Rose Patched Panda and chased after Jackie!! Jackie tripped and fell to the ground and while all this commotion was going on, the Rose Patched Panda slipped out the back gate of the zoo. The little girl noticed and she immediately ran after the panda and shouted, "Come back here, you naughty panda!!"

But the panda just ignored the little girl and disappeared into the woods. The little girl was worried that the panda would get lost or hurt. Never mind the fact that it was PINK and wouldn't blend in very well in its environment. The little girl didn't know what to do, so she called out, "Jackie where are you, I've lost the panda, I need your help!" Jackie was running but he didn't find him. Then he went to the forest and noticed huge paw prints on the ground where the Panda had been walking. All of a sudden Jackie spotted the Panda and jumped over to catch it. Jackie pounced on the panda; there was a long tussle between Jackie and the panda. With all this commotion going on in the woods -which could be heard from a distance - Channel 4's cameraman soon found the pair of them and believed the Panda to be mad, as it was not normal for them to be aggressive. Before Jackie could stop him, the cameraman dropped his camera to the ground and tried to jump on the panda's back. But the panda thought the cameraman wanted to dance so he bounded around with the cameraman still attached. Jackie laughed at the sight, but his amusement was cut short when the panda snarled at Jackie and bit him in the leg! Poor Jackie howled in agony holding his sore leg at the same time. It's a good job the little girl carried a mobile phone with her and started to phone for an ambulance for Jackie but found she had no signal; they were too deep in the woods. Instead of panicking, she turned to the cameraman and said, "Could I use you mobile?" but the cameraman said, "No need to call for help. Look over there - Jackie is laughing! The panda was just giving him a love nip. I think the panda thinks that Jackie is a panda too, since Jackie's clothes are all pink."

The little girl looked over and to her amazement saw Jackie and the panda were doing a hula dance together. Jackie was showing the panda some great dance moves and the panda was having a wonderful time. Suddenly, the little girl remembered that she forgot to tell her mother that she was going to need a ride home. So she asked Jackie to stop doing the hula with the panda and asked the panda if he could give her a ride home and was completely surprised what the panda said, "Okay, I'll go get my car, just let me take off this panda suit." Then the panda unzipped a long zipper and out of the panda suit stepped a man. The little girl was stunned. She said, "Are you Jackie Chan?"

The man said, "Actually, Jackie is over there. I'm his stunt double, Bob. This whole thing was arranged as a practical joke because a long time ago, Jackie came up with this script for a movie and I thought that my time had truly come to stop being a stunt double and start being an actor. But Jackie thought it would be funny to cast me as a panda instead."

The little girl was very confused so she turned to Jackie and said, "So wait, let me get this straight. A long time ago, you cast Bob, your stunt double, as a panda in a movie. Bob thought he was going to be a star and you cast him as a PANDA? Oh Jackie! What were you thinking? No wonder Bob was upset. So then he disguised himself as a panda and caused all this commotion because he was trying to get back at you. Okay. So Jackie, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Jackie turned to Bob and said, "Hey Bob, you do some really nice back flips. But, can you do this?"

Jackie started to demonstrate how to cook noodles. Bob was amazed and said to Jackie, "Wow, I want to learn how to cook noodles like that"! Jackie, looking quite pleased with himself, said back, "Ok, I will show you how to cook noodles, Bob. But first we better get away from all these reporters. Let's go say goodbye to the little girl, clean up my clothes, and head off to the supermarket, where we can buy some noodles and get something to eat. I am hungry."

So Jackie and Bob went to the little girl to say good-bye but before they could she said, "I'm having a Birthday party tomorrow Bob and Jackie, will you come as my special friends?"

Jackie and Bob looked at each other and decided it was the least they could do for the little girl. "Yes we will come to your party, we would love to." They then bought the noodles and went down the cake aisle of the store. Since they were going to a party, they thought they should buy extra food supplies as Jackie and Bob were very generous and they liked to cook. Since it was a birthday party, what better to cook than a cake? So they bought the ingredients for the cake and went back to Jackie's place. Right in the middle of baking the cake a little dog jumped up on the counter and ate the bag of Oreos they were about to add to the mix. "Hey!" Jackie said, "That dog looks like Jones, my family's new puppy!"

"Hey Jones!" yelled Jackie, "What are you doing eating Oreos? You know that chocolate is bad for dogs." Jones immediately spit out the cookies in his mouth. Jackie and Bob looked at the pile of partly chewed cookies and were stunned to see that Jones has also spit out a Roman coin!! "Wow! Look at that," said Bob to Jackie. "A Roman coin!"

"That's no Roman coin," said Jackie, "that's the coin that I saw in the newspaper the other day - the one that was stolen from the Chinese Heritage Museum!! That's a Chinese coin from the Ming dynasty. The police have been looking for that. How the heck do you think Jones got it? I don't know but he's got a habit of popping in to our neighbor's home so maybe he's maybe he took it as a toy. Little dogs play with everything, you know. But where do the neighbors have it? Did they steal it?"

But Bob said, "Let's not jump to conclusions; maybe they just happen to have been unlucky enough to have the coin planted on them. Maybe the thief got scared and threw it away. Maybe Jones picked it up in the garden."

Jackie frowned. "Maybe. But what if they did steal it? And sooner or later they will find it is missing!!"

Suddenly the telephone rang so Jackie went over to answer it. "Hello? Oh yes, Bob is here. Bob, it's for you, it's Willie!!

Bob was puzzled to what Willie wanted. "Hi Willie, Bob speaking what can I do for you?"

"Hello, Bob. I just wanted to let you know that I was playing with Jackie's dog yesterday when he got into my coin collection and I think he swallowed one of the coins. I feel very bad and I was wondering if you could return the coin."

Bob was confused. Was the coin that Jones spit out the stolen coin? A coin from Willie's collection? He thought a little while and then said, "Willie I think you should come over here to Jackie's, there is something we have to discuss but not over the phone."

"Oki doki Bob I'm on my way," said Willie and put the receiver down.

Jackie said to Bob, "While we wait for Willie to come, we have to figure out what to do about this cake. Maybe we should cook it while we're waiting. You know, it's Willie's birthday and he loves cake."

Bob thought that was a great idea. He went to the refrigerator, opened the door, and took out the eggs. He opened the egg carton and was shocked by what he saw. Inside the egg carton there were no eggs! There were rolled up Hawaiian shirts! Jackie said, "I was hiding those from Willie so I could surprise him for his birthday. You know how much Willie like Hawaiian shirts."

Bob looked at Jackie, shook his head, and said, "Tell me. Why would you hide shirts in the refrigerator?"

Jackie answered, "Well, you see, a long time ago, I bought Willie a shirt and I hid it in the closet. Well, Willie likes to check out whatever is in my closet when he comes to visit. He wants to make sure that I'm buying the right kinds of clothes for my career. Anyway, there was Willie's gift sitting in plain view in my closet. Willie said to me, 'Jackie! I LOVE your new shirt!!! I'm so glad to see that you realize that Hawaiian shirts are the height of fashion! You're going to look smashing in that shirt!!!'" Jackie went on, "Well, you see, as much as I like Willie in Hawaiian shirts, they're really not my taste in fashion. So I said to Willie, 'Actually, that shirt's not for me.' I'd hoped he'd just let it drop but he said, 'Oh, who is it for then?' And then I was in trouble, so I told Willie that the shirt was a gift for a friend of mine. But, Willie asked me which friend so I said, 'You ask a lot of questions Willie. Are you training to be in the Police Force?" He just grinned and let it drop. Of course, when his birthday came around, it all came out but to prevent a repeat episode, I now hide them in the fridge and Willie's strictly banned from there for that reason. Anyway Willie was glad to get the shirt. I like getting him shirts, but what I would REALLY like to get him is..."

Just as Jackie was about to finish his sentence, he looked out the kitchen window and saw a pink and black panda peeking in at him. Jackie was so shocked that he started shrieking and jumping up and down! Bob, who was startled by Jackie's behavior, said, "Jackie what is going on? Did you get pinched by the mixer? Is there a mouse in the house? You're jumping up and down like a person who's won the lottery!!"

"I haven't won the lottery, but I may well have won a pink and black panda!" Jackie shrieked, gesturing wildly at the window. "Can't you see it Bob? It's right there!"

"No I don't," said Bob, looking at Jackie and thinking that Jackie had taken a few too many blows to the head just lately, as he now seemed to be hallucinating. What was he going to see next? A polka-dotted Python? Bob yelled in indignation as Jackie wheeled him around and pushed him closer to the window. "Bob, it's looking straight at you!" Before Bob could answer Jackie, Jackie was racing out the door. However, on his way out the door he tripped on a chew toy. Jones had left some of his chew toys on the floor that afternoon. "Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy!!!" Jackie said sprawled out on the floor holding his head.

Bob ran to him saying, "Jackie, are you alright?" Jackie didn't seem to hear Bob and Bob was getting worried how serious Jackie's accident had become and was starting to panic a bit!

"Jackie!" said Bob, "Can you hear me?"

Jackie finally murmured "Oh, Daddy, you're here. I'm ok."

Bob thought, ''Oh, no. First he's seeing pink and white pandas and now he thinks I'm Papa Chan!" Bob didn't know what to do. As he pondered his options, he happened to glance up and was amazed to see Willie had arrived and not alone either - he met Solon on the way and Solon wanted to talk to Jackie about an idea for a children's petting zoo at the office. As Willie and Solon walked up to the house, they couldn't believe there eyes when they saw Jackie was outside engaging in a conversation with the pink and black panda. They appeared to be having a great time. Willie and Solon thought that perhaps there would be a place for the panda at the JC Group offices. So they went to Jackie's office to look for a space to set up a big enough desk to fit the panda.

When they got to the office, they could hardly believe their eyes when they saw that the panda was logged on to a "Pink pandas of the World Message Board." Who knew there would be other pink and black pandas running around the Earth? Anyway, the office workers at the JC Group soon became friends with the panda and they enjoyed playing basketball together on the court behind the office. Soon it will be time for the little girls Birthday Party, Jackie was in no fit state with his concussion and Bob being Bob was in no fit state either due to the fact that he was really worried about Jackie. Bob explained the situation to Solon and Willie and they were shocked by the full situation.

"What are we going to do?" said Bob to them. Solon, who always comes up with wonderful ideas, said, "We're going to the Peak! Yes we are! We're going to bring balloons, cake, party hats, and presents. Everyone is invited; even our new friend Pinky, the Pink Panda. It's going to be a great day and the little girl will be happy. Bob! Jackie! Pinky! Little Girl! Let's go! Let's load up the car and trailer, as we'll need it for all the special pressies for all the kids. Dorothy can take the photos, as she's really good at that.

Everybody agreed and started to get to work loading things up. Jackie then said, "Wait! I forgot something in the house!" Jackie quickly ran into the house and to everyone's surprise brought out a HUGE blue Dragon. Noticing the horrified looks on his friends' faces, Jackie said, "Don't worry, he's just a stuffed animal, I bought him in India a few years ago and I wanted to give him to charity to raffle off so they could raise funds. But I'm not sure which charity and I thought the little girl might have a few ideas. We'd better get going or Pinky might take off again."

While the group was traveling to The Peak for the birthday party, the Little Girl suddenly said to Jackie, "I think we should donate the auction money for the blue dragon to UNICEF. After all, you're the Ambassador, right Jackie? And while we're at it, why don't we auction all the presents as well? There's bound to be a bunch of people at the Peak who would buy the stuff for charity, right Jackie??!!"

Jackie turned to the little girl. He had tears in his eyes and he said "I'm just remembering all the happy years I had and I always depend on my fluffy stuffed Blue Dragon to cheer me up when I've had a bad rehearsal. It just breaks me that I will have to part with it. The little girl said to Jackie, "Don't cry Jackie. Think of all the people you will help by donating the auction money from selling the blue dragon to UNICEF." Then Jackie hugged the little girl and said you have such a kind heart. I'm so glad you are my friend. OK! Off to the party so we can get to the Peak before the ice cream melts."

"What ice cream?" The girl murmured, noticing that Pinky had chewed a hole in the container and emptied the contents.

"Don't worry." Jackie replied, glancing at Pinky, who was sitting to the side of them and looking supremely innocent. "We'll just have to buy some more! At The Peak, there was an ice cream vendor who was about to be made a very rich man.

"We'll take all the ice cream you've got!" shouted Jackie with glee.

"Wow!" exclaimed the ice cream man. "It isn't every day that Jackie Chan comes by and orders ice cream!" As he said that, the little girl looked around and noticed that Pinky was missing.

"Uh oh," she said, "Pinky's run off! He must think we're angry with him for eating the ice-cream!" She looked on the point of tears, but Jackie smiled.

"He can't have gotten far. I'll go and find him. You go on and meet your friends, I'll be back with Pinky soon."

With that, he turned and ran in the direction he thought Pinky had gone. After running for a while Jackie thought he saw something pink ahead of him, so he ran as fast as he could and yelled Pinky's name. However, he would regret it, as when he got close enough, he realized that the pink thing was a woman's shirt and she didn't look too happy about being titled "Pinky." Jackie blushed and made a hasty retreat. Now what was he supposed to do? Jackie frowned, and took out his mobile phone. He dialed the Panda Rescue Hotline, but before he could make the call, the woman in pink came up behind him.

"Excuse me sir," she said, "But I think we have something to talk about. You called me 'Pinky' and I want to know how you knew that Pinky was my childhood nickname."

Jackie looked at the woman in amazement and said, "I... uh.... didn't." He blurted, uncomfortably aware of the pink shirt. "I'm looking for a Panda called Pinky, I meant no offence to you." The woman smiled suddenly.

"No problem. Maybe I can help you find that Panda?"

Slightly surprised at the woman's immediate acceptance of his searching for a Panda of all things, Jackie nodded. "Alright. First lets figure out where I know you from. You look so familiar!"

Jackie stared intently at the woman and a look of sudden recognition crossed his face. "I know!" shouted Jackie; "You went to the Peking Opera School at the same time I did! You always wore a pink ribbon under your uniform and we teased you and called you Pinky!!"

"Oh my goodness," the woman whispered, "It's you. Chan Kong Sang!"

"Yes," said Jackie, "but they call me Jackie now." Jackie couldn't believe he'd run into this old friend from long ago at the Opera School. He put his hand gently on her arm and asked, "You must come to my home and meet my family and stay for a meal of course, you will also meet Jones who is so friendly and will give you lots of kisses. But watch out, he also likes to play with his toys and wants everyone to play with him; you'll get no peace.

"He's just like all dogs, Jackie; he loves to be loved and loves to play. Now that reminds me of you, wouldn't you say?" said the woman. "I remember when you always asked people to play ball during our free time at school. And do you remember that one time when you went to throw the ball to me and it bounced off my head and over the fence where there was a field of wild boars!! You used to get chased endlessly by them."

Jackie remembered these times and started to laugh as well and added, "You didn't see the time I actually got caught by one!" Jackie rolled up his sleeve and displayed a long scar on his arm. "I had a hard job explaining that away, I had to say I got cut by a sharp metal while on the set of filming. During that film I was a stunt double for Clint Eastwood!!! No one knew about that did they? I was told not to say anything to anyone. I really don't understand why, but I was only young and very shy in these days," said Jackie.

The woman said, "Ohhh! Clint Eastwood! I LOVE Clint Eastwood! Do an impression of him for me will you Jackie?"

Jackie was used to doing Clint Eastwood type stunts, but not talking like him. So Jackie shook his head, smiling. "I think Clint Eastwood would be very insulted if I did that."

She looked disappointed and Jackie laughed. "However, I can do this." He executed a series of acrobatics while his friend started to watch Jackie in amazement but she got distracted all of a sudden by this great big black and pink thing! The woman shrieked, "What is that, run for it!!!" but Jackie stopped what he was doing and saw that it was actually Pinky!

"It's okay," Jackie re-assured the lady, "This is Pinky, I've been looking for him."

Jackie turned to Pinky and said, "Where did you get to?! And why did you run off?"

Pinky hung his head and started crying, "Why is there not another panda like me?" Pinky snuffled out and continued, "I don't want to be all alone here. You all have your own friends but I have none of my own."

Pinky then broke down completely. The lady then said to Pinky, "Oh my Pinky, you are not alone. I know where there are many pink pandas like you. I'll show you. Come with me to a special place here in Hong Kong called Pink Panda Land. This place is just for pandas like you. Pinky-gorgeous, huggable and pink."

Pinky and Jackie looked at the lady surprisingly, and then Pinky grew this huge smile on his face and started to jump up and down in excitement. Jackie said to his friend, "How come I've not heard about this place before now?"

The lady said, "Well since it is a very special place only a selected few know about it, but what we do need is extra funding."

Jackie's eyes lit up and said to the lady "But I can help with that! Before I had to look for Pinky, I was heading to a birthday party and my friend and I were planning to raffle off a blue toy dragon from India and give the money to UNICEF. Why don't we donate the money from the dragon to Pink Panda Land instead? There are other things being raffled off for UNICEF, so I'm sure it won't be a problem. Can we invite ALL the pink pandas in Pink Panda Land to come to the party? It will be so much fun! They can join us and have a lot of fun doing anything included at the party with the children and us."

The lady thought about this for a moment and said, "As a special treat, I will grant this wish but first I must ensure that the Pandas will be safe. I'm sure that they will enjoy themselves but there is always a danger that they will get too excited and they have a habit of putting on tutus and dancing ballet when they get too excited. That wouldn't be so bad, I like ballet, but not when it's being performed by pandas. Lacks a certain grace. But so long as there are no tutus in sight, it should be fine for them to come to the party."

Jackie said to the lady "I'll certainly make sure there are no Tutus. I don't want any of the pandas to suffer exhaustion!"

So the lady agreed and went off to Pink Panda Land to arrange their day release. Meanwhile Jackie said to Pinky, "We have to go back to the party Pinky and you'll see your new friends shortly."

Lovable Pinky took Jackie's hand and they both walked back to where the kids, Willie, Solon, Dorothy, and some others from the JC Group including some of Jackie's stunt team were. Pinky took a shine to Ken Lo and Jackie thought this was amusing and so did the other kids as they all started laughing!! Ken wondered why Pinky liked him so much and then discovered it was because he had a chocolate bar in his pocket. Come to find out, pink pandas love chocolate! The only thing they like more is bamboo and lots of it too. Ken didn't know what to do, as he knew that chocolate wasn't good for Pinky but at the same time he thought everyone else knew that too, and wouldn't be feeding Pinky any chocolate. And just a little bit couldn't hurt him could it? Ken broke off one square and held it out "Ken!!!" a voice shouted, "Don't you dare give that Panda chocolate"!

Everybody turned round to see whose voice it was and it turned out to be everyone's wee pal Carol from Bonnie Scotland! Ken said, "Since when have you been in Hong Kong?"

Carol replied, "I flew in this morning on a bit of a secret mission!! My lips are sealed!!"

"Oh come on Carol, surely you can give us some hint" said Ken.

Carol said "Well just a tiny one then, since it's you!" and went on to say "It has something to do with the next charity event Jackie is going to attend."

Ken was about to try and get more information, but suddenly felt a tug on his pocket and when he looked down, found his chocolate was gone! "Oh no! If Pinky eats that chocolate he'll be hyperactive!"

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