All eyes stared at Pinky eating the last piece of chocolate!!! Everyone gasped as Pinky had already started to show signs of overactive behavior and what was worse that the other pink pandas had arrived - all 16 of them!!! The lady took one look at Pinky and said "Jackieeeeee!!" in a tone that sounded worryingly like Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures. Leaving the other pandas in Ken's charge, she marched over to Jackie and gave him a big row.

"How could you let this happen Jackie after what I have told you previously?"

Jackie tried to talk but the lady was so furious with Jackie she didn't give him a chance to and she continued to say, "I'm taking these pandas back to Pink Panda Land RIGHT NOW and don't hope to be seeing them again!!"

Jackie waited patiently until she had calmed down slightly and then he started to sing a song about pink pandas and charities. It made the lady smile and laugh so much that she said to Jackie, "Don't think you'll get round me that way Jackie. Look at the state of Pinky and now he's got the rest of the other pink pandas in a state also. I'm taking these pink pandas back to Pink Panda Land and that's final. How on Earth am I going to catch Pinky is another problem."

The lady asked everyone there present if they had any ideas and the little girl said, "I'd get Ken Lo to catch them if I were you, it's his chocolate that's the cause of this."

Ken Lo opened his mouth to defend himself but the lady had disappeared, never to be seen again. It was commonly assumed that she'd gone off to Africa to tackle the problems of the green-collared horny sloths. It was just as well, since she seemed to be a bit of a militant when it came to the treatment of Pink pandas. Anyway, with the screaming woman gone, things started to return to normal. The effects of the chocolate wore off and the pandas returned to Jackie. When everyone was calm and quiet, Jackie suggested that they get the party properly underway! Streamers and balloons appeared from nowhere and all the guests laughed at Pinky, who was having a look around for the woman as she had something she was going to give to him!

As it turned out it wasn't she who went off to Africa after all but her twin sister who had come with her sister and the other Pink pandas just to say goodbye to them all. Pinky, still a bit hyper, saw the woman and looked at her and she knew he knew what he was after, as after all Pandas are intelligent. The lady said to Pinky, "Here is your present for you Pinky but you must promise me that you'll always be nice to the other Pandas and Jackie. And not eat too much chocolate."

Pinky nodded, or did whatever pandas do when they mean "yes" and the woman gave him his present, which turned out to be a flute. It's a little known fact that pink pandas love music and are very good at playing the flute. Pinky was so excited by the gift he started playing it there and then and everybody gathered round to hear Pinky play. Then the children started to dance in a merry way and the adults soon joined in as well. The little girl, whose birthday it was said, "This is the best ever birthday I have had!" and continued to dance some more.

A few hours later it was time to wind down the party and take Pinky off to his new home with all the other 16 pink pandas to Pink Panda Land. The kids all hugged Pinky and the other pink pandas, as it was a known fact that this breed of panda was extra gentle with children and adults. So after that was all done and the pandas were already to go the little girl said to Pinky, "Can I come and visit you sometime in Pink Panda Land?"

Pinky gave the Panda equivalent of a grin and gave the little girl a huge hug, which she took to mean "yes." The lady smiled, and handed the girl a ticket that would allow her free admission into Pink Panda Land for a day and said "Here is a special ticket, that not only allows you to come and see Pinky for just the one day stated but for as many days as you want. But I would appreciate it if you can make prior arrangements by telephone first."

The little girl agreed as this was only the polite way to do things and they were soon off on the road to Pink Panda Land. There was sadness in the little girl's eyes but she knew that Pinky had a great future ahead of him. Jackie turned to the little girl and said, "When you go to Pink Panda Land, could I come with you? I'd like to see Pinky again as well."

The girl nodded, adding "And bring a band. Then Pinky can play the flute with them and we can dance. We can even sing karaoke!"

Jackie smiled because, as everyone knows, Jackie LOVES to sing. "I look forward to it." The little girl looked up at Jackie and gave him a big hug. Jackie, ever the emotional soul, found that he had tears in his eyes. He said, "I'm so grateful to you all!!!! Thank you. You make me proud and I'm so happy to have so many wonderful friends."

Jackie was just about to give another round of hugs to everyone when he saw that his blue Dragon toy appeared to be making a bid for freedom. For a moment, Jackie just stared at it, and then gave chase, leaving his friends to think that he'd never catch it as it looked like it was well and truly gone but the hair dye bucket tipped over as well along with them and everyone was pink! Everyone began to laugh and Jackie said, "Now that we are all pink, we can all give Pinky a good laugh! Pink suits him no problem, but I'm not sure it suits us so well. Maybe we should all take a little swim in that pool over there. That will get the dye off of us--except for Pinky of course. When we're done, we can after getting wash up we can head over to the office and see what everyone is up to. I asked Willie to wash my car. Let's go see if he actually washed the car and if he hasn't, we might just have to give him a wash with the hose instead." Jackie added hastily, "Just kidding!" in reply to the little girl's horrified look.

With that the girl laughed and put a smile on and stood up and told Jackie that she wanted to stop for ice cream on the way to check on Willie. She asked Jackie what his favorite flavor was and Jackie said blueberry and so she went off to the ice cream truck and asked the ice cream man if he had any blueberry ice cream. He didn't have blueberry, but he had a wonderful new flavor called and so the NEW flavor of the day was called MIX BERRY, he told her that it was a REALLY great flavor and that Jackie would most likely love it and so Jackie decided to try it. Everyone watched in anticipation as Jackie tried it and were happy to see a smile come across his face.

Jackie said, "This ice cream is so good! I think we should send some to the pink pandas. I know they will like it. We should also send some to the office, because I'm sure everyone there will love it too. Is there enough for that…"

But Jackie didn't finish his sentence. He suddenly noticed that his hand was blue. Then he looked at his other hand and it was strawberry red! "On my goodness!" he said. "I'm turning into a mixed berry!"

The little girl said, "There must be some kind of dye in that ice cream! Dye or a bizarre kind of magic." She watched the color spread up his arm and turn into a murky purple.

"Don't just stand there!" Jackie exclaimed. "Call Willy Wonka! He'll know what to do! He fixed Violet when she turned into a berry."

The little girl pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, then looked at Jackie and said, "Wait one second! Willy Wonka is a fictional character. How do you expect me to contact someone who doesn't exist?!"

Jackie smiled and shook his head.

"You're wrong, Willy Wonka does exist. He's a very good friend of mine. We met when we were at the opening ceremony of this movie we bump into each other and we got talking. He wanted someone to try this new chocolate bar he'd invented and so I volunteered. We've been in contact ever since I have his phone number at the office. We better head over there. When they got to the office and the very berry looking Jackie walked in the door a tall man in a silly hat stood up behind his desk.

"Jackie, my old friend!" Willy Wonka exclaimed. "How are you?"

"I'm purple." Jackie replied accurately. "Can you do anything about it?"

"Hum... well lets see maybe we could get you some nice refreshing bowl of vanilla ice cream. That may help reverse the effects of the berry ice cream. But if that doesn't work, we will have to go to my factory and fire up my latest invention!"

"Latest invention?" Jackie repeated, with some trepidation, having had experiences with some of Willy Wonka's inventions previously.

Willy nodded enthusiastically, and gestured to an Oompa Loompa, who was mixing up a vat of chocolate covered pineapples.

Jackie said, "Willy, why are you making candy at my office? Why aren't you at your factory?"

"Well, " said Willy Wonka, "I thought I would treat your staff to our newest candy. It's called chantastic chocolate!"

"Mmmmmm," said Jackie licking his lips and wondering how many press ups he'd need to do to compensate for eating that sweet smelling chocolate and thinking he'd have to run on his treadmill for a few hours too. But it would be worth it! The chocolate smelled sooo good!"

Jackie took a couple of the finished bars and started handing them out to the staff. But the first person he came to jumped out of her chair and ran away. "I wonder why she did that? It's like she just saw a ghost of chocolate past."

"Hmmm," thought Jackie as he munched on his chocolate, "that means more for me then and less for them, ha."

Then Jackie wondered if Kath from the Kids club might like some. "I wonder where I will find her; I'll look for her upstairs."

As Jackie started climbing the stairs, he realized that he had left Willy Wonka alone and his office was full of Oompa Loompas. Jackie remembered he was going to film a commercial today. What was he going to do? With Willy Wonka and the Oopma Loompas in the office, soon it would be filled with chocolate, winning golden tickets and 5 children and ME, looking like a big berry! I can't be meeting all these people looking like this. Unless I get changed or if they don't mind me looking like this, and so Jackie started walking back down the stairs again and as he did he tripped on something. He toppled and did a couple of flips before landing on the bottom of the stairs. He sat up and looked at the stairs. As he turned to see what he had tripped on he realized that Willie Wonka probably dropped something behind as he had headed to Jackie's office in the beginning to make that chocolate. He had tripped on a chocolate Dragon so he wondered when on Earth Willie Wonka had started making chocolate dragons and decided to go and talk to Willie Wonka and see if he would mind not leaving his chocolate dragons lying around on the stairs, of all places, as they could prove to be a health hazard.

Before he got to Willie Wonka, however, he found himself waylaid by a member of his staff who was jumping all over the place and doing a silly jig. Jackie figured she had eaten too many of Willy Wonka's chocolate bars. He tried to get around the person, but the woman took Jackie's hands and hugged him and thanked him for letting Willie Wonka into his office then cart wheeled off down the corridor, leaving Jackie to wonder whether it had been such a good idea allowing Willy Wonka into his office. Still, the endless amount of chocolate was pretty good, Jackie thought, as he wandered back along the corridor to his office. As he did he remembered he was supposed to have a meeting with Willie (Chan). When he walked into Willie's office, he couldn't believe his eyes! Willie was bent over a huge vat of chocolate, scooping it into a dragon shaped mold but succeeding in getting more down his clothes than he was in the mold. Seeing Jackie, Willie tried ineffectively to hide the mold and colored slightly.

"What are you doing?" Jackie asked, wondering if he really wanted to know.

"Er... I was hoping to get this done before you got here. I was going to take this chocolate dragon and build a special chocolate cake for the... errm... mmm... I can't tell a lie... *sigh*" "What is it Willie?" Jackie enquired curiously. Willie cringed in his dilemma... "Oh... it's for the s-u-p-r-i-s-e Myth celebration Party.... I guess it's not a surprise anymore... hmmm?"

"A surprise?" Jackie was so excited. "The last surprise I got was a big fat kiss from one of my fans in Beijing. Actually, I think the fan was from South Africa, but I met her in Beijing. I remember her because she had on a Ndebele beaded badge that said "Proudly South African."

Willie took advantage of Jackie's moment of recollection to lead Jackie back out of his office, away from his surprise, and over to the next room, where to Jackie's surprise there in the room stood the newest model of the Segway scooter. Jackie hopped on and zoomed around the office. Soon he was being was being followed by one of his best friends Eric Tsang, who looked very eager to try the new scooter as well but Jackie wanted to keep it for himself for a little while longer. So he pointed down a hallway and said to Eric, "Look! It's hum... oh look a new show is on. Go watch it!"

Still pointing in that direction, Jackie secretly kept the scooter for himself and was proud, but he forgot that he to make a turn around a corner and soon found himself in the trash can. But then someone came along and helped him out; it was Santa. Then Santa said, "Ho, ho, ho! Jackie, you don't need to take a nap in the trashcan. I have something for you in my big red bag. Look it's a Jackie Chan action figure."

Eric, from the corner of his eye, spotted Jackie looking curiously at the action figure and speedily raced toward the Segway scooter. Jackie was torn between thanking Santa and grabbing Eric before he could get hold of the Segway, so he decided maybe he should bring the Segway and grabbing Eric, he yelled "YEAH!!!"

This was the perfect plan but Jackie didn't know what to do with Santa, so he turned around and whoosh! Santa had disappeared! Before Jackie could realize what happened Eric was on the Segway and speeding around the office. Jackie frowned and then smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He then made his super kung fu position and then he blinked in great surprise as the flash of a camera almost blinded him. The photographer was no one other than Chris Tucker!

"Ha, ha Jackie! I got you! I would like another picture of you so I can remember my visit. Let's take one by the giant wheel outside your office and one right here in the foyer of the office.... hey... what's that gadget over here Jackie?"

"Uhhhh, nothing...just take the picture, and by the way *kiss* thanks for coming," Jackie said.

"Man what are you doing with the camera? Don't you have it up side down? Maybe you should come with me for a bit of sight seeing maybe we should go to your new Jackie Park!" Chris suggested to Jackie but still Jackie thought about the scooter and Santa, so he took Chris by the arm and said, "Come with me. Let's go home and have a great time with Santa. They are having a wonderful time at Jackie's Park."

Then Chris said, "You are right Jackie... this feels just like home."

Jackie smiled so widely that Santa could actually count his every tooth in his mouth. So the two started to laugh and laugh that Jackie got so mad, he just fell off his chair. He looked like a pretzel on the floor. Now Jackie was laughing too. Everyone was laughing so hard they didn't see who had walked up to them. It was Kim Hee Seon; she was delighted to see Jackie, Santa, and Chris laughing their heads on the floor. She also was kind of curious as to what was so funny and decided to take a picture first of the laughing trio and then she asked, "Share the joke, I wanna laugh too. I had a difficult day on the movie set today, so I am ready for a laugh."

Jackie tried to talk to Kim, but he was laughing so hard, all that came out of his mouth was "Hi....hi... hahahaha!." Jackie couldn't even say "Hi Kim" because he was laughing so hard. Kim decided to make things more funny. She reached forward and started to tickle Jackie on his belly, but then Chris got so jealous he just couldn't stand it and started tickling Jackie also. Just then, who should come in? It was Kath with a whole bunch of entries for the Halloween Design competition. Jackie was so excited to see them, and just stopped laughing. But then Kim took the Halloween designs and said, "I want a costume just like this one. This Mexican outfit will be for next year's Halloween."

Jackie and Chris stood up, and looked at each other. Santa looked in the other direction and his eyes opened as wide as saucers.

"LOOOK!!!!!! Look who's coming!!! It's Harry Potter with his wand!"

Jackie and Chris look at him as if nothing happened so Harry Potter did something very naughty. Even though he wasn't allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts yet, he drew his wand and pointed it at a nearby cabinet.

"Wingardium Leviosa!"

The cabinet rose a few feet off the ground and up, up, and up it went VERY slowly about an inch each shift and THUMP!!! The cabin fell back to the ground, shook apart and back together again and it made a giant dust cloud and when it cleared, Harry Potter was nowhere to be seen.

"Add underage apparition to his list of crimes." Jackie said, looking at his now very dented cabinet.

As if that wasn't bad enough Jackie's dragon that was etched onto his glass door suddenly came to life and started to fly about.

"What is going on?" Jackie asked in confusion.

"I am going to the Tri-Wizard Tournament!" said Jackie's Dragon

"The what?!" Jackie spluttered, but the dragon didn't answer. It spread its wings and took off out the nearest window, leaving a large wing-shaped hole in the wall on either side of it. Jackie rushed to the window and yelled after the Dragon, "But Harry Potter is only a story, right?"

He turned around to see Chris Tucker standing in shock. "Oh, I think Harry Potter's world has just come to life, Jackie." Jackie grabbed Chris by the arm and said, "Well, what are we waiting for? I want my dragon back. Grab the broom and let's fly!"

"Where do you expect to find a flying broomstick around here?!" Chris exclaimed, just as Viktor Krum appeared out of thin air, brandishing several of the Bulgarian Quiddich Team's broomsticks. Jackie gave Chris a slightly smug grin and greeted Viktor with enthusiasm.

"Hello young man. Are these brooms for us?"

Viktor replied, "I felt your desperation to get your dragon back and the portal to the magical world of the Tri-Wizard Tournament closes in just about 1 minute! So! Ride with me!"

Jackie beamed a smile at Chris while he took a broomstick and handed the other to Chris. Chris tried hopping on the broom, but slipped. The broom took off with Chris hanging from it with one hand.

"Ahhhhhh! Jackieeeeeee!!" he yelled.

Jackie hopped on his broom, kicked off and like a pro. He was flying after Chris. "Hang on Chris! I'm just going to go to the bathroom, I really need to go. Bye Chris!"

Chris was left hanging by one hand from his broom and screaming blue murder while Jackie had a quick toilet stop. Viktor gave Chris a funny look, and then pointed his wand at Chris' broom. Chris yelled immediately, "You magic folk think that you can scare us? Put that thing away - I once pretended to be LAPD."

Just then Jackie came running with his broom. "How far do you think my dragon has gone?" asked Jackie. As Jackie asked his question, Chris turned to pay attention to him and said, "Quit asking about the silly dragon and help me get on this broom already!"

Krum looked at Chris and then looked at Jackie and then looked at Chris again and then he swished his wand and Chris was sitting steady on his broom but his broom turned into a donkey the donkey started to talk.

"I'll bet you've seen a house fly, I'll bet you've even seen a stable fly, but I'll bet you've never seen a donkey fly!" With that the donkey with Chris sitting on it, Krumm and Jackie on their brooms whizzed off into the open portal to the Tri-Wizard tournament with Chris sulking slightly, feeling that riding a flying donkey was making him appear less than cool. When they emerged on the other side of the portal, Jackie and Chris were amazed. Everywhere they looked they saw people flying around on brooms dressed in robes and funny hats and doing loop de loops. Chris thought that looked fun, so he tried it too. However, doing a loop de loop on a donkey is bit more difficult than doing one on a broom, and so Chris kept up with the turns and pretty soon he was getting dizzy and calling for Jackie's attention.

"Jackie.... help.... wooooaaahhh.... Jackie...," Chris called out.

But Jackie was more interested in the events. He saw his dragon among the others and asked Krumm, "Why is my dragon in that arena?"

"Well, he's going to do a little singing and dancing for us," said Krumm. "Oh, look! He's already started to sing!"

The dragon was singing all the way and enjoying all the fun and not paying any attention to what was going on besides his own voice. So he didn't notice that Jackie had joined him. Jackie liked the song the dragon was singing. It was called Lala-by, Lala by.

Everybody loved singing it and they forgot that they were in another world altogether and POOF, without warning they were back in the office again. They all looked at each other and started to laugh so loud. The dragon was back in his place on the glass and Chris and Jackie started to scratch their heads.

Was it all a dream? Suddenly there was a huge SNORT. It was Jackie. He was snoring and woke himself up. "My goodness, what a dream I had. Pandas, Harry Potter. What did I eat before I went to bed?" Thinking of this made Jackie hungry so he headed to the kitchen for some milk but before he got there Jones was sitting at the door needing out! So Jackie slipped on his tracksuit and trainers, grabbed Jones's leash and both went out for a walk.

It wasn't too long before both Jackie and Jones both spotted a brand new Buddy Bear they hadn't seen before. It was kind of odd because it looked like a real bear!! Jones's neck stuck out and started to growl and Jackie had to have a tight grip on his leash, otherwise Jones would have been bear food for sure! To his horror, Jackie realized that the buddy bear was indeed a real bear, but before he started to talk!! Jackie was amazed, to say the least, and the talking Buddy Bear explained he came from a magical kingdom called La La Land, a place where everyone sings day and night. Even when they speak, their sentences come out as songs. The Buddy Bear said, "No! I'm joking; I really come from a place not too far from here. It's called China Bear Land. There are 100s of us Buddy Bears who talk and we have a leader -that's me and my name is JC buddy. If you need any help with our busy bear system and have any questions for us just contact me on this special number."

Jackie could hardly take all this in; he was actually talking to a Buddy Bear.
Jackie asked JC Buddy if it was possible to visit China Bear Land and JC Buddy said, "Of course, I'll take you there myself."

Jackie said he would take Jones back home first and then both could go off to China Bear Land. So Jones was taken back home and Jackie and JC Buddy jumped into Jackie's jeep. JC Buddy loved the ride and Jackie asked a couple of questions while on the way. The first question was "JC Buddy, I haven't seen you around before. Have you been in the area long?"

JC Buddy said, "No, I'm on vacation. First I visited La La Land, then I went to Me Me Mountain, and now I'm here for a week so I can look for all the special food that we Buddy Bears love to eat. Jackie then asked what kind of food Buddy Bears eat.

JC Buddy answered, "We love noodles! And we also like chocolate ice cream mmmm," licking his lips and adding, "that is mighty good."

Jackie said to JC Buddy, "Really!? I love these things too. I know where you can buy these great items." JC Buddy accepted Jackie's offer and headed off in a detour direction to pick up the special supplies. They stopped at Willies home!!! Jackie and JC Buddy got out of Jackie's jeep, climbed 2 flights of steps, and found Willie's home. Jackie rang the doorbell and Willie opened the door. At first Willie didn't see JC Buddy and said hello to Jackie.

"Jackie what are you up to?"

Jackie replied, "I'm here with JC Buddy we are on a trip. Would you like to come?"

Willie said that he would love to and they all got back in the jeep but the jeep wouldn't start. So they all got out and headed over to Jackie's. JC Buddy said to Jackie, "I hope you've got plenty of my special food. I'm hungry!!"

Jackie said, "I think I've got enough, JC Buddy"

Willie said to Jackie, "I hope you're going to feed me too!!!"

Jackie said, "I'll feed you, don't worry. But first we have to find a car that will take us where we need to go. I don't think I can get the jeep working. I know, let's just hop on the metro. If we leave now, we'll be there in time to watch Jackie Chan Adventures on the TV. Have you seen this program JC Buddy?"

JC Buddy said, "Perhaps one day, all fans will meet Jackie in Hong Kong and it will be very funny, but until this day, we must start walking."

As they walked along they chatted about The Jackie Chan adventures. Suddenly JC Buddy stopped in his tracks.

"Look everyone! It's my wife! HK Buddy."

'Where have you been JC Buddy?" she said giving him an earful. You went to look for special food stuffs and have been gone hours."

Before she could say any more Jackie interrupted and said, "Don't worry, I will prepare some food for us to eat all together, and we will invite all these other special talking Buddy Bears as well."

Willie then said, "We will have to get a bigger place. Jackie where do you suggest?"

Jackie said, "Well there's always the park next to the office. It's such a nice day. We could have a picnic. My favorite picnic food is apple cake, apple wine, and apple juice. I like apples very much, so I can be healthy and can a long time be your friend.

JC Buddy said, "Oh, look there is a wonderful apple tree. Jackie, wait, I'll bring you all an apple! I climb up that tree over there, wait, I will get it. So, I have him, wait...aaahhhh!"

The buddy bear fell off the tree. Willie and Jackie where chocked.

"Willie!" Jackie yelled out loud, "Give me your mobile! We have to call an ambulance right now!"

Willie took the mobile out of his satchel that he always carries with him when he's out and about in HK and handed the mobile to Jackie. Jackie then dialed for an ambulance as well as giving directions on where they were. Willie in the meantime tried comforting HK Buddy Bear, JC Buddy Bear's wife who was almost in shock.

"He'll be fine," said Willie, not too sure on what to say as JC Buddy didn't look too good at all and continued, "He's a tough bear isn't he?" HK Buddy Bear nodded in agreement and sat down beside her husband.

Jackie looked at Willie and said, "Let's sing a song until the ambulance comes!" And with his charming voice he began to sing a lovely song and all together sang first quiet and then louder. When the ambulance man came they first looked and then they laughed and said, "This bear is fine! Was someone singing to him? Singing heals Buddy Bears you know. I healed a Buddy Bear one time by singing Ming Ming Bai Bai because that is my favorite Jacky Song."

Then the ambulance man took out his wallet where he kept a photo of Jackie and asked Jackie to sign it. Because Jackie is always considerate of his fans and was reassured of the well being of Buddy Bear he borrowed a pen from Willie and signed the photo with "Love Jackie Chan." The picnic was spoiled by the drama of the accident so Jackie and Willie quickly consulted together and decided to take the Buddy Bears to the swimming baths instead! "Yippee!" said both bears. "We love swimming. We can all play a game in the water together. What do you suggest Jackie and Willie?"

Willie then started to say," I left my swimsuit at home. Perhaps I can get one at the store, and we can both, go for a little dip." But Jackie did not think that this was a good idea, although it was hot. He remembered his big fall down the cold cold waterfall making his last movie. "Brrrr, " he thought to himself. "| am not ready to go swimming again so soon." So Jackie suggested that they take the Buddy Bears to his private garage where they could see all of Jackie's cars and maybe Jackie would take them for a spin in his special car in and out through the traffic. Jackie believes that a good adrenaline rush is the best solution to him but Willie almost turned white, as he knew how fast Jackie could drive! Willie said to Jackie even though he knew he was an excellent driver and he was also a careful one that talking Buddy Bears don't like fast paced things (Willie too didn't like fast paced things either!!)

So they had to think of another idea. "I know," said Willie. "How about a Jackie Chan Movie?"

The Buddy Bears growled with glee and said, "Can we watch Police Story? That's our favorite because all the stunts in it are so exciting and we can all have our adrenaline rush watching Jackie take all the risks. And it will be really special watching Jackie's favorite movie with him because he can tell us all about it and all the exciting behind the scenes stuff that happened on set while we are watching to make it even more fun!"

Even Jackie thought this was an excellent idea. "Let's go," he said, "and I will tell you all about my day yesterday as we walk along. It started out with a visit to the office where I showed everyone my rubber band trick again. When will they learn to watch my fingers? But Ha Ha I am too fast! Then I had to go to the set of Rob B Hood and do a stunt or two. Ouch! I banged my finger and it is really bruised. And then I came out with all you Buddy Bears and we have been having such an exciting time. Now that the movie is ready to play let's all watch together."

The Buddy Bears, Jackie, and Willie sat watching the movie enjoying it again together, because they have all seen Jackie's movies many times. When the movie was about half way through Jackie suddenly jumped up and said, "Oh no! We forgot refreshments!" and ran out and came back with ice-cream cones, smash cake, and cups of bubble tea for everyone!

"Thanks Jackie," the Buddy Bears said, because after all the adventures they were all hungry and thirsty!

"Thanks Jackie," said Willie as he munched his smash cake.

"Leave some for me you greedy bears," said Jackie as he grabbed some for himself. When they finished watching the movie Jackie felt like he needed some exercise after eating all that cake and ice cream because while Jackie eats everything he also exercises a lot!

So Jackie and the Buddy Bears left the building to go to Jackie's Gym where they....

To Be Continued


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