March 26

You will not believe where I went today! Kath took me to the film studio to watch Jackie shoot his new movie! The movie is called Rob-B-Hood and it's a comedy about a thief with a good heart. The film stars Jackie and a little baby named Matthew. Matthew wasn't there the day I visited, so I didn't get to meet him. But I had such a great time anyway! Jackie really likes me and since he knows that I am very quiet and well behaved, he took me all over the set.

Here is a photo of me sitting in the director's seat next to Jackie:

And here I am with the director of the movie, Benny Chan. Benny has directed many of Jackie's movies and he's a really nice man. I gave him a few tips about how to get the best emotion out of his actors. I think he was happy to have my help.

After Jackie, Benny, and I talked about some more scenes, I went to look around the set a little bit. It's a very large room with really high ceilings. It is probably about the same height as your school gym and about half the size. I noticed that one of the stuntmen was playing cards over in the corner, so I introduced myself to him. He was very friendly and funny.

His name is Ken Low and he's very famous. He was in Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, and many other movies with Jackie. He is a world champion kick boxer, so I decided not to make him angry in any way. Here I am with Ken:

I asked him why he had a blue dragon painted on his head and he told me that the character he plays in Rob-B-Hood is a tough guy, so he needed to look tough. Do you think he looks tough?

Just as I was about to say goodbye to Ken, Jackie came over and told me that it was time for my scene. Oh, I forgot to tell you! I am performing one of the stunts in the movie. I had to go to "make-up" and "hair" (that's the way we talk in the film business). Jackie's personal hair dresser, Ronald, gave me a quick touch up.

Next it was over to wardrobe (that's the place where you get dressed up for your scene). We looked through the clothes, but Jackie wears a size or two larger than me, so they didn't really fit. They decided that I was wearing the perfect outfit for the scene anyway, so I didn't have to get changed:

Jackie led me over to one of the sets (a "set" is a place where they film the scenes for the movie) and I waited while he explained to the stunt team who I was and what I was doing there. (A "stunt team" is a group of people who train very hard so that they can perform stunts in movies. A stunt is when someone falls down the stairs, has a fist fight, jumps out a window, etc.) Jackie told me that I should never try any of the stunts that I see in movies. He said that the team is highly trained and there are a lot of hidden safety devices that are used to make sure no one gets hurt during filming. Here's Jackie discussing my stunt with the team:

Then it was time for my stunt! I took a deep breath while Jackie got me ready. Here I am with Jackie as he prepares me to be lifted way up to the ceiling on a rope (I'm so flat that it's hard to see me in the photo!):

And here I am going up, up, up in the air:

I was a little nervous to be up so close to the ceiling, but Jackie shouted encouragement to me from below. I performed my stunt and then the crew applauded, and then let me down.

Jackie was very pleased with my performance and gave me the thumbs-up:

Afterwards, Jackie asked me to help out a little bit more so I gave him a little advice about the camera while he filmed a scene. Jackie does a very good job with filming and I know he appreciated my help:

Jackie showed me all the different equipment on the set and he wanted to show you too. Here is Jackie telling you that this piece of equipment is called a crane. He repeated it a few times so you could learn better. "Crane. Crane."

Soon it was time to leave, so I rushed over to have a quick game of basketball with Ken Low before I had to say goodbye. You may wonder why all these games are on a movie set. It is because the scene in the movie takes place in a game room. Since there is so much equipment (cameras, rigs, etc.) they can't fit everything into a real game room, so they build a special one at the movie studio. It looks just like a real game room):

I said goodbye to everyone and Jackie insisted that we take one last photo of me with the camera:

I said thank you to Jackie and the crew, and Kath and I headed back to the office.


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