March 21, 2006

Today when Katharine got to the office, she put me right to work at the reception desk. My job was to say hello to people who come to visit at the office and to answer the phone. I think I did a very good job. Here I am at the reception desk:

The thing on the counter that looks like a round space ship is really a candy dispenser that Jackie designed himself. It's loaded with all kinds of candy, but I didn't want to ruin my appetite, so I didn't eat any.

Well, I'm very tired now after a busy day at reception, so I will go to sleep. I'll write more tomorrow!

March 23

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have time to write in my journal! Katharine took me to the park behind Jackie's office to have a look around. It's so beautiful! There is a basketball court, a playground, and even a temple. The walls behind Jackie's office are amazing because they are covered with a mural. Katharine told me that a mural is a really big painting usually done on a wall. I asked her why there was a mural painted on the wall behind Jackie's office. She told me that one day Jackie was outside and noticed that the wall was covered with ugly graffiti. This made him sad, so he hired some artists to come in and paint something pretty on the walls. There are all kinds of things painted there including a little restaurant scene. Here's a photo of me having a snack at the restaurant:

Of course it's not really a restaurant; it's just a painting. But that's okay because I am a painting too.

Katharine showed me the temple also. It's so pretty and there was incense burning in big pots all around. People go there to pray and give offerings to the gods. Here I am in front of the temple:

When Kath (she said I could call her "Kath") and I came back inside, I had a look around. Jackie has lots of cool toys at the office, and my favorite is his Segway. The Segway is like a scooter and Jackie loves to ride his. He takes it with him everywhere he goes! Since I do not have a driver's license, I didn't take it for a ride, but I hopped on anyway so I could have a photo taken to show you:

On the wall Jackie displays miniature posters from all of his movies. Here is a photo of me starring in a movie with Jackie:

In the hallway of the office is a large cardboard Jackie showing everyone how he feels about smoking. I joined him to pass the message to you (Don't Smoke!!):


It's been such a busy day at the office and I'm very tired. Kath said that if I'm really good she will take me on an adventure on Sunday. I can't wait! I love adventures.


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