by Silke

The envelope from the U.S. arrived finally at my home on November, 26th. And here comes

Flat Jackie’s report about his stay in Leipzig, Germany

When I arrived here after travelling a long time across the Ocean with the big and comfortable envelope, I had to stretch my body at first. For this if I would make some stunts. As soon as Silke had turned her head away for a moment, I jumped on and  tried to hang on their door sign.

... and I even did climb on it - TADAAAA!

I wouldn't be so similar to the real Jackie, if I wouldn't use any possibility for doing some sports. Here I have entered Silke’s brand new jogging shoes and she was quite happy that I am just too small to reach for the door-handle. Otherwise she probably had had a problem.... :'(:P

So she invited me to come in and to make myself at home.
Here I am sitting on the table in her kitchen and watch her while she was preparing something for painting. She wanted to paint some Chinese characters with a kind of plastic color, with which she planned to decorate a new lamp.

But it’s not my favour to sit still for a longer time. So I have used a moment, when Silke had to concentrate on something else and went to the next door. Here you can see me doing a stunt at the door to her daughter’s room!

Do you see the autographed picture? Silke’s daughter Maike  got it in December 2004, when Jackie was in Berlin for the German premiere of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.

The sign above means
"Attention, teenager in puberty!
- of unsound mind
- knows everything
- can everything
- irritable"
:P:P:P Later Silke did show me her apartment. There are Jackie’s items everywhere…
Here I am standing at her “Jackie’s Shelve” with all her autographed photos and precious items.

Later I strolled around in the apartment and met a good friend there. Do you remember K.C. Rat? That’s his Twin and I am happy I could met him. We talked for a while, because Silke was preparing the lunch….

… of course I was very curious what she would make for lunch and so I finished chatting with K.C.’s twin and observed Silke’s work the whole time. It was a vegetable soup with chicken meat in Asian style. Oh, I really was a little sad, that I couldn't taste it...

In an quiet moment I did run into her daughter's room and came out again with a part of all her stuffy Panda bears for a common photo. Wow – she has a huge collection of Panda Bears in all kinds!

One day later Silke took me with her to work. Here I was quietly sitting on her desk and spend the time chatting with her and learning something about her work. I was happy about her wallpaper and I also liked her tea mug. :)

On the next day I had entered the envelope to travel to the next fan but I was scheduled to return to Silke a second time.
Bye-bye for now J.




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