Hey kids of all ages! Jackie's birthday is on April 7th and we would like to gather together as many birthday cards as possible to send to him. Since it takes time to send things through the mail, now is the best time to get going on making an AWESOME card for Jackie's birthday. Use your imagination...use paper and glitter and glue and pom poms and whatever else you find laying around the house. Make it fun and special....like Jackie! When you're done with your card mail it to:

The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids

P.O. Box 556

Peconic, NY 11958-0556 USA

All the cards will be gathered together and sent to Jackie in time for his birthday. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A FAN CLUB MEMBER TO SEND A CARD. Everyone is welcome to make a card and it will be included with all the others! Please send your card in by March 21st which will give plenty of time to pack them all up and send them to Jackie either in Hong Kong or on location where he is filming.

And if you're thinking "Why bother sending Jackie a card.....he'll never see it" think again. And click here.

If you prefer to send a card through email, that's fine. All birthday cards to Jackie will be posted on the Kids Club web site (click here to see them) - computer generated cards and regular cards.

What about gifts for Jackie?

If you're thinking of sending Jackie Chan a birthday gift, then you should read this. Obviously Jackie has enough money to buy just about anything that he wants and that is something to keep in mind when you're thinking about a gift. Jackie's favorite gifts from fans are personalized gifts....gifts that are homemade especially for him or gifts with his name on them. If you send Jackie gifts of clothing, stuffed animals, or knick-knacks (little doohickeys, thingamabobs, and decorative gifts) he will most likely donate them to charity. Jackie has storage rooms where these gifts are sorted out and sent to people who can use them. This DOES NOT mean that Jackie is ungrateful. It simply means that he has nowhere to put all the thousands of items of clothing and stuffed animals that fans send him. Most (MOST) of it will be donated.

Jackie loves gifts that are personalized and most likely those will be kept. So keep this in mind if you're sending a present to Jackie! If you are not handy or don't have the time to create something for Jackie, think about donating the money that you would have spent on a gift to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. You can send a check along with a note telling them that this donation is in place of a gift. Jackie would really like that. The address is:

The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong
c/o The Jackie Chan Group
145 Waterloo Road

**If you are mailing an envelope to Hong Kong from the USA, just make sure you put 80 cents postage on it and write "Air Mail" someplace on the front. That's all you have to do. You don't need special stationery or stamps or anything!**

Hopefully these guidlines will help you if you're sending a gift.















"Personalized" means something that you created just for Jackie. For example, if you embroidered Jackie's Chinese name on a pillowcase or if you made a sculpture of a horse (Jackie's birth sign). It doesn't mean that you buy something and just write his name on it. (Click here to go back to the paragraph you were reading.)