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About the Buddy Bears

Jackie Chan is a big fan of the United Buddy Bears project and he had a great time in Berlin searching out Buddy Bears to have his photo taken with. As you know, Jackie is a great supporter of charity work and since the Buddy Bears auctions fund UNICEF, this is a perfect partnership. If you don't know about the Buddy Bears, click here to read about them.

Although the contest is over, you are welcome to submit a Buddy Bear design which will appear on the Kids Corner in the Buddy Bear section. Since Jackie loves the Buddy Bears so much, there will always be room for them here on this website!

Here's a little history: The large Buddy Bears are designed and painted by artists from countries around the world. When an artist gets an idea for a Buddy Bear design, he or she submits a small drawing so the Buddy Bear committee can see what the plan is. These drawings are made using a simple outline of one of the two styles of Buddy Bears: the stand up bear or the smaller bear.

Your job is to print out a Buddy Bear outline and color it in with YOUR design. If you want to see what some of the other Buddy Bear artists have done, just click here and have a look. Here are the two outlines for you to print out and design:


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