I walked up to the front door and was welcomed in by a very gracious receptionist. She led me past a set of display cases which held many of Jackie's promotional items: dolls, statues, t-shirts, and hats. The receptionist offered me a piece of candy from a unique candy dispenser at her desk. (I was told it was designed by Jackie!) I was led into a waiting area and offered something to drink; nearby there was a kitchen with a glass-fronted refrigerator stocked with fruit and healthy drinks. I asked for some water and as I sipped it, I noticed a half-full jar of very delicious looking cookies sitting on the counter. I immediately recognized these as the mouth-watering macadamia nut cookies baked by USA Fan Club member Judy from Hawaii! It sure looked like everyone at the office was enjoying her gift.
Here are some toys, including those from the Jackie Chan Adventure cartoon. You can also see several statues of Jackie. I found one of them at the Temple Street Night Market and bought a whole bunch!
This is the set of plates that we were told Jackie designed. Kids Club member Lisa Schwark won a set at the Fan Club party raffle!
A few of the Jackie Chan baseball hats.
One of the beautiful Drunken Master statues. Click here to see Jackie holding one of these at the Knight of the Dragon concert in Toronto!

As I sat waiting in a very comfortable chair, I had a chance to look around at all the furnishings and decorations. Soon Solon's assistant came in to greet me. He was very friendly and I immediately felt at home. He explained how the schedule for the week would work and he gave me all the necessary information. As we sat talking, the front door opened and in walked Papa Chan! He came right over, said hello, and shook my hand. We talked for a few minutes and then he peeked into the office, turned around and left with his driver - just like that! Wow! I was pretty excited to meet Jackie's Dad and to find out that he was a very funny and friendly guy, much like his son.

One of many comfy couches at the office.
Papa Chan


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