by Katharine Schroeder

When we pulled up in front of a nondescript building in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, I thought we were stopping to get directions; this couldn't be Jackie's private loft! It looked like any other building in the area. I soon learned that we had arrived at our destination. "Of course!" I thought to myself. It made perfect sense that Jackie would have his private loft in a place that would not draw any attention. By doing this he could insure added privacy.

We were escorted off the bus by Patrick and into what I can only describe as a Wonderland of Jackie. This was the place where Jackie's treasures were kept; the place that was the most "Jackie" in the whole world.

The loft itself has several levels. On the ground level there were unbelievable treasures from Jackie's life. At every turn I saw something that took my breath away! Jackie's movie camera, director's chairs, paintings, sculptures, photos, props! It was remarkable. I felt like I was in a Jackie Chan museum.

As we moved around inside we were guided by Jackie's gracious staff members. They encouraged us to make ourselves at home, to sit on the furniture, to look into the camera lens. I began to feel like I was getting to know the real Jackie. In fact, that was one of the things that Willie Chan had told me when I'd spoken to him earlier; he hoped that seeing Jackie's private loft would help us to "get to know the guy better."

I was so awestruck by the wonderful things I saw at Sha Tin that I didn't even take that many pictures. Luckily for me (and for you!) the Kids Club Official Photographer, Nic Schwark, was on the job and on the ball. He took many fine photos, never letting one little detail go unrecorded. If it weren't for Nic, we would not have the superb collection of photos from Jackie's private world.

Kids Club Official Photographer on the job

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