The Tuxedo

My tuxedo would be an indestructible diamond threaded tuxedo, so that nothing could destroy it. Not even the most powerful thing in the universe. On the tuxedo it would have on the right cuff link a magnet to catch bullets as they fly by. On the left cuff link there is a laser beam to cut through walls and metal.
The bow tie would be able to do two things. It would turn into a helicopter so he would be able to fly away from the enemy if he needed to and it makes great french fries too. The other thing the bow tie has is a small spy camera in it so he can take pictures and videos of people and secret papers.
The 4 buttons on his shirt have different effects. The first button is his speed button, so he can run really, really fast. The second button is his kung fu button, so he can do any type of martial arts he wants to. The third button is the anti-gravity button. This effect will help him jump really, really high off the ground so he can jump from the ground to the roof in one bounce. The fourth and final button has invisibility. This makes him invisible so he can go where the enemy is without them knowing he's there.
On his belt buckle he has a force field switch. This is just in case the enemy tries to run him over, he can put his force field on an d the car won't even touch him.
On his shoes he has built in unlimited star knives in his heels. He also has a smoke screen at the back of his shoes. His shoelaces can fire off sticky nets to capture the enemy if they try to flee.
This is what my Magic Tuxedo would look like if I could design one.