The Myth (GAING TIN JUEN KEI) was produced by Jackie's brand new company, Jackie Chan Emperor.

Jackie describes The Myth as totally different from Around the World in 80 Days and New Police Story; it's more like an Indiana Jones film. In the movie Jackie plays a Qin Dynasty general and a modern day archeologist. The film, which Jackie says includes a lot of fantasy, opened Asia-wide on September 23, 2005 to enthusiastic audiences!

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October, 2005

The Myth is breaking records at the Asian box-office and has been declared a blockbuster hit! You can see some great photos of the making of the movie at the following link:

Behind the Scenes of The Myth - Photo Album

There's lots of Myth news at our Latest News site (and check the archives - many GREAT photos from all the premieres, celebrations, etc.).

And don't forget The Myth's official website! Lots of great stuff there - wallpapers, photos, music, trailers, etc.

August, 2005

The Myth premiere is coming up quickly - only a little over a month to wait! Check out some new photos from the movie (right). The beautiful theme song from the movie is called Endless Love and is sung in Chinese and Korean by Jackie and Kim. You can view the video here.

June/July, 2005

Jackie and his Myth co-stars Kim Hee-Seon, Mallika Sherawat, and Tony Leung have been spending a lot of time promoting the movie. The Myth's Official Website is also up and running. Click here to watch the trailer, see photos from the movie, read the latest news, and even send a Myth e-card! The Myth opens on September 23, 2005 in Asia.

May, 2005

Jackie was joined at the Cannes Film Festival by Myth co-stars Kim Hee-Seon, Mallika Sherawat, director Stanley Tong, co-star Tony Leung, and even Willie and Solon! There was a screening of a lengthy preview of the movie and The Myth got lots of press!

April 10, 2005

A short teaser for The Myth has been released and this looks like it's going to be a terrific film! The movie will be screened at this year's Cannes Film Festival in France. Mallika Sherawat will accompany Jackie to the screening. (Clip is ©2005 JCE Movies Limited)

The Myth Teaser



April 3, 2005


Stanley Tong just had a chat with a reporter from Chinese paper Southern Daily. According to him, the story of The Myth was something like this:
Jackie Chan plays Jack, an archeologist who repeatedly dreams about a white dress lady played by Kim Hee-Seon. Leung Ka-Fai plays William, a scientist who is searching for some mysterious stone.

Spoiler Alert! This next section contains spoilers.

William invited Jack to a place called Emperor's Sand, where they discovered an ancient place. Inside the place, there is a coffin floating in midair and a painting showing that white dress lady. William removes a stone from the altar and the coffin falls to the ground immediately. Some tomb guardians appear and try to get the stone back. While fighting these guardians, Jack falls down a waterfall. He is then woke up by a dancer, Princess Samantha, played by Mallika Sherawat. Despite her invitation, Jack decided to leave and continue his search for that white dress lady. Jack and William then go back to the valley of the waterfalls by helicopter and eventually discover a time tunnel, which is connected with a floating palace. At the palace, Jack finally meets the white dress lady. She is actually a Koguryian princess who has been waiting for her lover, a general of The First Emperor of China (also played by Jackie Chan) for over two millenniums. Meanwhile William starts robbing the place and accidentally disabled the magic which keeps the place floating...

Tong said he wrote the story of The Myth after visiting the mausoleum of The First Emperor, which cost over 700 thousands men's 38 years to build. There will also be over 900 shots with CG effects, like the one showing thousands of terra-cotta warriors and sea of mercury fall from the sky. Battle scenes have been shot with about 1000 extras and over 100 horses. Over 100 thousand CG soldiers will be added to the final film. Graham Ware Jr. ,horse trainer for The Lord of the Rings, was on board to train the horses, especially the one Jackie Chan was riding.g.

February 21, 2005

According to Oriental Daily, Jackie JUMPED into the sea in the freezing cold weather. The reason? A photo shoot (or additional filming?) for The Myth. The Myth wrapped up a while back and is in post-production. Jackie is shown (right) with director Stanley Tong pouring warm water over himself after jumping into the frigid sea.

January, 2005

All of the filming for the movie has been completed and it is currently in post-production. There have been many injuries during the making of The Myth; Jackie speculates that it is inevitable if horses are involved! Jackie himself was injured in a horse-related accident and was in extreme pain. However, he recovered and went on to travel for his charity work and promotion of Around the World in 80 Days in Europe. During the filming of some scenes at a temple, the Indian government got involved and there were some delays, but everything was worked out.

September 15, 2004

The IndiaFM site reports that India is gearing up for the two week shoot in October in Hampi. Mallika Sherawat has gained incredible fame in India because she is working with Jackie Chan.

September 1, 2004

The Myth production has now moved to Lanzhou and will be there for about a month. The set continues to be closed, but there are a few photos available (see "Latest Photos" to the right). Jackie took time between locations to make a few public appearances, but he's back at work now.

July 18

So far, news from the set has been positive. Mallika Sherawat and Kim Hee-Sun joined Jackie at the Shanghai set and filming began. Last week, Mallika finished filming her scenes and headed to Mumbai, India. She was full of praise for Jackie. She said he was professional, funny, helpful, and caring. She also said that he is very admiring of the beauty of Indian women! Mallika has been a Jackie Chan Fan all her life and was thrilled to be working with him.

The entire cast has been battling the intense heat in Shanghai. Word has it that ice packs had to be used under Kim's costume to keep her from having heat stroke. Jackie reportedly ordered popsicles for the entire crew to make them feel cooler!

Jackie has been wearing dark contact lenses for filming and he has said that they make him dizzy. There was a slight accident during filming and Jackie received a cut to his arm. Of course he refused medical treatment and continued working.


Source: News from various sources including, several online Indian newspapers, and some friends.


Credits :


  • Jackie Chan
  • Mallika Sherawat
  • Tony Leung
  • Kim Hee-Sun
  • Hugo Weaving
  • Sudhanshu Pandey


Stanley Tong


Ngor Fu Chong Lung


Check back often for any news on filming of The Myth!

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