Jackie Chan Kids Corner Contest Ideas

Well, the webmaster asked for ideas for new contests here at the Kids Corner and you certainly responded! Here are some of the ideas that you've sent in. In a week or so you can vote on your favorite ones. For now, look at the list and then think of MORE! Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas. Remember: these contests are open to EVERYONE.....not just VIP members. And let's make it even more fun by sending a gift to the person whose contest idea the Kids Corner uses first!

  • From Carol: How about a seasonal drawing contest which also intwines with Jackie in some way.


  • From Pete: 1. A poster with your dream cast to work with Jackie in a film called either "East Meets West" or a title of your choice. The cast could be made up of famous actors or sportsmen or women, or it could be your Grandmother! the best selection or well presented poster will win. Also in the appropriate age groups.

2. Jackie's ideal home.

3. Perfect broadway costume for stage.


  • From Angie: Design a doll of JACKIE from your favourite movie! Whether he is in his Super Tux or in police uniform the choices are endless. And on that theme design clothes he could wear (so you could change him suiting your mood).

    Design a "baddy" doll Jackie has fought in a movie

    Design a new super car for Jackie

    Design the most wacky hair cut ever for Jackie

    Think of and design a Cinema that only shows JACKIE MOVIES, from popcorn boxes to the carpets.

    Design a new shop that sells only something Jackie, likes LIke BUBBLE TEA.


  • From Aimee: a drawing/coloring contest on something that has to do with JC
    Ex.- characters from the cartoon (JC favorites), buddy bear, movie titles/pics.


  • From Janie-Lee: a letter that children can write to you about the love for Jackie Chan.


  • From Jill: 1] Design a t-shirt for Jackie.
    2] Design some new sneakers/trainers ie. the patterns on the uppers
    3] Design a sun umbrella to keep the nasty harmful sun rays off Jackie's lovely face
    4] Design a new paint job for one of Jackie's cars
    5] Design/compile a treasure box for Jackie that is no bigger than a matchbox. What treasures would you put in?
    6] Make a 'Helping Hand' which could be joined together to make a chain around the world. What would they offer in their hands?
    7] Design a board game [snakes and ladders] that is Jackie Chan themed. What hazards would they put in his way and what rewards would he get before he reaches his goal. And, what is the goal in the first place? World Peace? No more hunger? Save the Tiger?
    8] Design a Jackie Chan theme park -- there's talk of one being built in HK, isn't there? How about the Police Story Slide [ie down a long pole], the Thunderbolt Race Track, the Pirates of Project A Water Splash, The Accidental Spy Treasure Hunt, the Shanghai Knights Haunted Castle etc
    9] Select the next 10 songs they think Jackie should sing on his new album [I'm hoping here!]
    10] Design a Jackie Chan Ice Cream Sundae --yummy


  • From Matthew: 1) Maybe have a quiz on how well you know Jackie and answers could be found on the Latest news section or www.jackiechan.com you could have many questions on Jackie and the people who get the most right could make it to the finals,

    2) Drawing: This Idea is more drawing based. (I was thinking we could draw or cut out pictures to make a new character for the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. Students could send in their new character and you or someone else or even Jackie Chan could chose the winner.)

    3) Students could write in something on Jackie. Maybe they could write a poem, song or how cool he is or something else.


  • From Yuris: Idea 1. Make or draw a new movie poster for a Jackie Chan movie.

    Idea 2. Draw new clothing for the JC collection.

    Idea 3. Draw a new restaurant of Jackie Chan.


  • From Daniel: Make you own Jackie Movie. Kids can create and film their very own Martial Arts movie.....or how about A Jackie Look-A-Like Contest. Kids have to dress up like Jackie.


  • From Rick and Family: Let kids draw their ideal,and creative karate uniform with their own personal ideas. For older children, in addition to designing their own dojo's, design their own karate uniforms; with their personal ideas. Another idea is to draw their own hero, whoever their hero is and if they wanted to, write a few words about their hero.