by Silke Oettel, Germany

In the last week in July it was time again for me to do what I really love to do: traveling and experiencing new countries and cities!
My husband Ralf and me wanted to do what Jackie does very often: traveling through different countries in a short time.
This time our goals were Vienna in Austria, Bratislava in Slovak Republic and Munich in Germany. In every of these cities we also wanted to meet with Kids Corner members: in Vienna with Daniela (aka Hu San Niang), in Bratislava with Dagmar and in Munich with Heidi.

Here I will give you the report about the trip:

Day one
The way from my home town to Vienna is quite long (almost 900 km). That's why we decided to take a break almost in the middle of the way in a little village named Waal. We had an overnight stay there in a little hotel. It was really a nice village. Here I will show you two pics:

At first the view to our little hotel, named "Gasthaus zur Post"

… on the opposite side of the road is a little brook. This was really romantic!

Day two
In the afternoon we arrived in Vienna finally. My husband's cousin and his family lives here. Later we took a bus and walked through the streets of the inner city. Vienna is such a nice town with many historical buildings.

This is a photo of the famous hotel "Sacher"

That's the Wiener Hofburg, there lived Empress Elisabeth (also well known as Sissi). Inside this building are some museums today.

Day three
Today in the afternoon we met with Daniela after her work and walked together through the streets of Viennas inner city. Daniela showed to us the eldest part of Vienna with a church named Ruprechtskirche.

Because of the unbelievable high temperatures on this day (like in the last weeks too) we've searched quickly for a cool place and found it in this wonderful ice shop. Here is a picture of us before we enjoyed the ice cups with the delicious nugat ice.

After this we went to the famous cathedral Stephansdom (the cathedral was to see for a very short time in "Armour of God"). It is impossible to take a picture of the whole cathedral because of it's high. That's why there is a small model beside the cathedral.

Day four
Today we met again with Daniela at the main bus station at 11 a.m. We all waited together for Dagmar's arrival. She came with the bus directly from Bratislava. It was a big joy for me to meet her again after the German premiere of New Police Story in Cologne last year in October and our short meeting before her depart to the Jackie Chan Friendship Tour in April. After her arrival we went by train to a Hong Kong style restaurant named Tsing Tao, where we all enjoyed our Dim Sum there. It was really delicious!

All the waiters were surprised that every one of us has met Jackie already personal and they looked at our photos. Their first question was: It is a photo-montage or a double????
After the meal we went to Daniela's apartment and watched all her 350 photos from Hong Kong and the JC Friendship Tour. But in the apartment it was almost more hot as outside. That's why we decided to walk a little bit through the streets and visited the church Karlskirche. It was been renovated almost 6 months ago and looks great!

On the place in front of the church we enjoyed cold drinks, talked and than we went to the train again. It was time for us to leave Vienna and take a ride by car to our next station: Bratislava.
Bratislava, the Capital of the Slovak Republic, is only one hour away from Vienna. In Bratislava we checked in into the hotel Junior near Dagmar's apartment. The hotel is located at a little lake.

On the evening Dagmar invited us to her apartment, where she showed all her treasures to us and where we chatted some time until the late evening, of course also about our favourite theme Jackie.
Here the both of us in front of her treasures:

Day five
We met with Dagmar in the morning and went by bus to the Bratislava castle.

In the castle are some museums located and also a exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci. It was very interesting to look at.
After that we went by foot to the city centre.

Bratislava has many small streets and nice and well renovated buildings. The most streets in the inner city are pedestrian precincts and it's a great pleasure to walk there.

In the afternoon Dagmar invited us to a ride by boat on the river Donau. It was a nice possibility to look at the town from the waterfront and also a refreshing time in the heat of the day.

She also showed her work desk to us and we were also greeted by her boss! He is a nice man and his English is very good!

After that we returned to the hotel, took a shower (it was above 35 degrees plus until the evening) and met again to experience the inner city of Bratislava by night. It was very good and everywhere were tables and chairs on the streets and lots of people until the late night.

These are my husband Ralf and me in a little taverne in the small streets of Bratislava.

.. and an impression about Bratislava by night

Day six
Once again we met in the morning and went to the inner city. Today we made a ride with a little bus for sightseeing. It was really interesting to experience something about Bratislava's history.

Unfortunately time flies too quickly and thanit was time to say good-bye to Dagmar and her hometown at 2 p.m. for us. Thank you to Dagmar once again for the great time there!
So we were on the road again to our next goal: Munich!

We arrived in Munich late in the evening and it was really too late to meet with Heidi on this evening.

Day seven
When I woke up this morning I heard something I absolutely didn't like for this day: it was raining! But fortunately the rain had stopped only a short time later and we enjoyed a fresh and pleasant weather - after almost 8 weeks with high temperatures about 30 degrees plus it was the first day in such kind.
We met with Heidi in the morning. After drinking a cappucino with the stiring mug (I love it!!!!) we went finally to the park Westpark near to her apartment. It's a big and nice park and our special goal was the Asian part of it. There are some temples and pagodes to see:

Here is a picture of the Thai-pagode

…and the Nepal-pagode

But our favorite was the Chinese garden. He symbolizes the circle of life with his four parts like the four seasons of life. Here both we are in front of the entrance

His is a view inside the beautiful Chinese garden

…and here a photo of the Japanese garden

After visiting the park we went to the inner city of Munich and enjoyed our Sushi in the same restaurant as we were during our last meeting in June

After the meal and some shopping (I bought a beautiful gift for my daughter in a Chinese shop) we went by foot through the inner city. Like Vienna and Bratislava also Munich has many historical buildings.

Here is one of the famous market Viktualienmarkt

That's only a funny photo from my husband in front of the fan-shop of one Munich's football-teams

Then we went to the most famous beer-restaurant in Munich: the Hofbräuhaus. It was my first visit there and also the first time, when I've tasted Weizenbier. It's a beer made from grain and well known in Germany, especially in the Bavarian country.

This is the entrance to the Hofbräuhaus

In the middle of the restaurant is a garden with trees, many tables and chairs. The whole restaurant has a capacity of more than thousand seats!!!!

Gam bai!!!

In the evening we had our dinner in another beer-garden. The weather was really too nice to sit inside a restaurant. In Munich there are a big number of such beer-gardens while the summer time. The prices are quite cheap and the meals are simple, but very tasty too. My husband has enjoyed a Bavarian speciality: rosted legs of a pig "Schweinshaxe" (it is almost the same as Eisbein, but rosted). It looks yummy, don't it?

While we chatted about our favourite themes the time had gone quickly and it was evening very fast!

Than it was also here time to say good-bye to Heidi! Thank you for the great time!

On day eight we had to go home. In the late afternoon of this day our trip has ended at home. The result were more than 2800 km by car and it was really a great week which I will never forget. To meet with other Jackie fans in different countries makes me happy! I wish I could do something like this more often!
If I didn't became Jackie's fan I had never met these great people! I hope and wish I can see you all soon again!



Silke, Germany



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