Jackie’s Kids Step Up
By Lisa Schwark

To Step Up: The act of increasing something.To improve one's performance or take on more responsibility, especially at a crucial time. To rise to an occasion in life.

Jackie’s older fans first knew him as a martial artist and action film star. Then later, many found he put just as much time and energy into charity work as he did his movies, if not more. The newest generation of Jackie fans, however, seems to already appreciate Jackie’s charity work as much, if not more so, than his work in movies.

Through the help of the Dragon's Heart Foundation, Jackie has been building schools in China and helping children there who weren’t able to go to school before, be able to go to school. After Jackie and some of his staff members took a trip to Guizhou to see one of the completed schools, The Kids Corner created a wonderful way for Jackie’s youngest fans to help build another school – The Build a School for a Dollar project.

And did Jackie’s kids ever step up! Within just a few days, Jackie’s youngest fans were sending in drawings with donations. The kids found out that they too could do charity work. That you didn’t have to be an adult to be able to help. They were so eager to help other kids be able to go to school. Some of the kids didn’t have much money, but sent in what they had. Some kids were part of group efforts that did mini fundraisers. With this project, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can have a lot; you can have a little. Every little bit counts. After all, it only costs about nine US dollars a year for a child to go to school in China. So every dollar really does count.

The kids stepped up in another way with this project also. They stepped up in their integrity. Along with many of the donations came little notes. In these notes, the kids didn’t ask for autographs or photos. They didn’t ask to have their pictures put up on the web site. They didn’t ask for any recognition for their kind deed. What they talked about was how much they loved Jackie for helping kids. They talked about how much they hoped their money would help the kids in China. And the kids thanked Jackie for doing what he does and being who he is. They didn’t want anything for themselves. Some kids didn’t even sign their names on their projects! They were satisfied just to be able to help Jackie help other kids.

Jackie can be very proud of his youngest fans. His kids. They really know how to step up.


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