Two Reviews of Around the World in 80 Days

y Alec Owens
Age 9 years
(As told to and typed by Lisa Schwark)


One of my favorite scenes was when Jackie was in the desert in the back of the wagon and people were talking and he looks up and says, "Is that you grandma?"
I also liked the fighting scene in China with the 10 tigers. I liked the action. It was cool when Jackie had the wood bench and took the weapons away from the Black Scorpion guy.
There were a couple really funny scenes that I liked. One was with the guy with the chain. Jackie was telling Inspector Fix to duck and then he told him to jump, but he was still ducking and got hit in the legs with the chain.
Another funny part was when the crazy lady did a face plant off the wall.
Another thing I thought was funny was when Lord Kelvin said, "I should have thrown him out a higher window." He was talking about Inspector Fix.
And the other thing is when Phileas Fogg was trying to get his cane down to Jackie when he was fighting the warlord. He threw the cane but it hit a bar and just fell down.
I also liked the part when Phileas Fogg says, "Birds!" And the boat captain says, "Excellent idea! We'll burn birds."
And another really funny part was when Phileas Fogg was on the train and the goat was eating his work papers and he says, "Help! I'm being attacked by a ferocious animal!"
I just liked the whole movie. I thought it was funny.
Next I would like to see Jackie do a movie like Bullet Proof Monk or Indiana Jones. It could be called Indiana Jack.


by Kyle Owens
Age 12 years




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