Note: At the Chinese New Year, someone sent a stuffed rat to Jackie's office and nicknamed it "K.C. Rat." Here's a photo of Jackie with the New Year's rat and following that you can read a story from a fan about K.C.'s twin brother!

My dear twin brother K.C. Rat in Hong Kong,

I know that your home is now in Hong Kong in the office of the world most famous action star and actor Jackie Chan. I already saw your photo in internet at the Kids Corner page. It seems you are very famous now, aren’t you?

Today I want to write you about a very exciting weekend, what I could experience recently. Imagine, together with some fans of Jackie’s I have visited some shooting places from his movie ‘Who Am I?’ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Together with Silke, the woman where I live with, I made a wonderful journey to Rotterdam to spend the weekend at Kitty’s home. There we met with other fans from different countries: Claudia, Jessie and Nina from Austria, Dan from England and of course Kitty from The Netherlands. Also Silke’s and Kitty’s family members, their husband and the kids, joined us also.

The whole time I was with them: I sat on every table, tried some specialities, have accompanied them on every step while those days (I had a lovely place in Silke’s bag, from where I could observe it all) and visited all those nice shooting places from the movie together with them. I even got photographed many times at many of these places. I will send you hereby some of those photos along with a report about this weekend to share all my nice experiences with you.

But let me start with my report.

On this photo we met at first with Claudia, Jessie and Nina at Frankfurt Airport railway station. They came over by plane from Austria. Sorry, that I’m not in the photo, I was still sleeping.

We all took the train to Rotterdam. On our way we passed Cologne, where the German premiere of Jackie’s movie ‘New Police Story’  took part in October 2005. How I could know that? Oh well, they all talked about it.

Here on this photo we all met for the first time at the main railway station Rotterdam Centraal. Also another fan of Jackie’s from Rotterdam with the name Nelleke also came to welcome us. She is the tall woman on the left side in the photo. The young man in the middle of the photo is Dan, who came over from England for the meeting.

After our all arrival at Kitty’s house we were welcomed by her husband Hendrik and her children Christine and Thomas. Later the children went out for their weekly Hapkido lesson. Before they left, we took a photo of them and their friend. They look though, don’t they?

I took place in the middle of the table at the living room. For me it was the best place to watch all around me, ha ha. And there was a lot to watch and to listen! All of them were constantly talking about a former meeting, about Jackie, his movies and music and about Hong Kong.  But suddenly they became quiet. Silke let them search for the solution of 15 questions about the movie ‘Who Am I?’, but before they could watch it. Clever idea, huh? On the photo you almost can see them thinking – ha ha.

At the end it was Kitty, who had the most right answers to the questions. She got as a prize a fan magazine (especially about the shooting of this movie) and all of them got as a prize their names, written with Chinese characters. When we all watched the movie finally, there came out some “aha” and “Oh – I had should known this” by them. I really was impressed by the movie and with all those lovely shooting places. Kitty and her husband said every time, when there was to seen a shooting place from Rotterdam and so I already became very excited, that I would see them all soon.

Later this evening they offered me a glass of red wine, because they celebrated Kitty’s, Dan’s and Jackie’s birthdays. Fortunately they only teased me and the glass took someone other. Puh, this had could end bad for me!

On the next morning we all had a nice breakfast, before we went to the inner city of Rotterdam. Our goal this morning was the Euromast, a tall tower with a restaurant in the high of almost 100 metres and the possibility to use a rotating elevator for sightseeing, what goes until a high of 185 metres. That was high, but the view down to the city was it worthwhile in every case. Because I didn’t know if I would be afraid of height, I only tried a short look over the rail from the high of 100m at first

Later we picked up Ralf and Maike (the other members of Silke’s family) from the railway station and went home to Kitty’s house. There we prepared ourselves for the next event: a big birthday party, what took place at a sports school in a nice room. Imagine, almost 30 guests came to this party. Me and my new friend, the Austrian bear, had a nice place on the table to overlook the whole scenery.

We all had a great time with chatting, watching the kids playing in the nearby gymnastic room and listen to the music. Kitty made a short speech to great all her guests and then Silke held an auction to raise money for Jackie’s Build A School project. I remember how busy she had been the days before to choose some good items for this auction. In all she had 12 items to offer for the auction: two DVD’s, four posters, three big photos of Jackie, two photo books and one cell phone lanyard. One item after another was sold to the bidders and sometimes the amount went very high. The whole amount was certainly very big, because Kitty and she had been very, very happy with it.

When we all returned home the evening wasn’t still at its end. Nina and Claudia had prepared some funny games to please them all. They played a funny game, where one had to destroy another one’s air balloon, or one had to search for a pot on the ground, but with covered eyes and also the game musical chairs. The air was filled with their laughters all time long! Some of them have chatted almost to the next morning and laughed a lot while this time. Ouch, so I had only less time to get enough sleep, because on the next day they would make the ‘Who Am I? Tour’.

After a little belated breakfast we all wanted to leave the house for the tour, but suddenly they all were surprised by Silke with some special t-shirts. On the front side all those t-shirts look equal and show a nice photo of Jackie, but on the back of each t-shirt was only one letter. Why? All those single letters together are showing the title of the movie. Unfortunately she couldn’t find a t-shirt also in my size.

So we took the subway and arrived in the middle of the town to visit the first of the shooting places, a long stairs. There in the movie a car drove downstairs. Imagine, what they all did there? They blocked the stairs to pose for a first common photo. I watched that from the side and I was afraid, they could get some trouble, because on this day the city was very busy because of the Rotterdam Marathon. But nobody became angry. All the people looked at them and were probably curious for the reason of this photo shooting.

They continued to follow some streets, where also parts of the movie had been shot. On one corner we made a short break to buy a Dutch speciality with the name Poffertjes. This is a kind of small pancakes with a lot of powder sugar and some butter. They are very yummy.

Our next station were funny looking houses, who look like dishes standing on their points. Now it was time for me to pose.

On our following way to the waterfront we made a short break at a lovely restaurant in a small haven. We had some cool drinks, did enjoy the sun and had a short snack as well.

Only a short walk later we arrived at a highlight of the tour, a big white building. Here Jackie did his big stunt in the movie. WOW – everybody was impressed, when we stand in front of this building and looked up to the roof. Look, that’s me with the building in the background

Then we went along the waterfront until the next bridge. Here the movie had ended. On our way back to the city center we passed the ‘Avenue of Stars’ of Rotterdam and we also found Jackie’s handprints there. It was the very last station of the tour. Suddenly it started to rain. So I hide myself quickly into the bag and I only came out again, when we were on our way back to Kitty’s house.

On this evening we had our dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. We all did enjoy this evening and it was even allowed to me to try something what tasted like fish. To be honest I liked it more to taste some cream from the top of an ice cream cup

When the bill was paid, the owner of the restaurant asked for the reason of this meeting and was very surprised, that we all came together because of Jackie. As a nice gift by her we all got small golden money pigs to save money for the next journey to Hong Kong. That was a nice gesture, wasn’t it?

On the next morning it was unfortunately time to leave for the four of us. The way back to our home was a long one, almost 9 hours by train. Kitty took us to the railway station and we all waved good-bye as long as we could see each other…

Now I’m sitting again on my usual place and take care of a photo, where you sit on Jackie’s shoulder, and think back of this great time.

Dear K.C. Rat, I hope you did enjoy my report.

Along with my letter I send a t-shirt, what got autographed by all the participants of this meeting, including me – hi hi. I would ask you if you could give that t-shirt to Jackie as a sign of the admiration of all of us for him. Hey, wouldn’t that be a great idea, if he could wear it for one photo??? We all would be unbelievable happy with it, that’s for sure.

Have a great time also further in Hong Kong, my dear twin brother!

Your twin from Germany




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