The Hero Kid

by Erica

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jackie. He was 10 years old. One day Jackie was at the park and he was playing with his friends. Suddenly, a baby was on a Jungle Gym and fell down. Jackie saw her and ran down the slide, jumped over the swing, and grabbed the baby. Everybody loved Jackie and called him a hero. All except Shang. He was mad at Jackie and he hated Jackie. Then Shang got an evil, dark, mean idea. The next morning Jackie got out of bed, ate breakfast, and went to school. Shang was waiting for him outside the school building.

He said, "Jackie! Jackie, oh please help!"

Jackie said, "With what?"

Shang said, "A little boy fell down the stairs and into the sewer. He can't get out."

Jackie ran to save him. Shang turned around and laughed.

"Ha ha ha! That fool," Shang said. "That big fool! There's no kid. There's no boy. Ha ha!"

Shang ran to class. The teacher, Mrs. Lee, asked Shang where Jackie was.

Shang said, "He's in the sewer skipping school. I tried to stop him but he pushed me in the mud."

The teacher ran to the sewer and grabbed Jackie and he had to stay after class and clean the school alone with only water and his hands. Shang watched and laughed.

"Hee hee ha haa," he said.

Jackie had an idea to prove it was not his fault that he'd missed class.

He said, "Shang, it was your fault I missed class."

"Well duh," said Shang, "Jackie, how dumb are you?"

"I'm smarter than you think," said Jackie. "I have recorded what you just said on this tape."

"What? Oh no!" Shang said.

Jackie gave the tape to Mrs. Lee and after hearing it Shang got in big trouble. He had to unclog the toilets with his bare hands!

The End