Dearest friends!
I want to tell you the story about two buddy-bears, they traveled to Russia after Buddy-Bears contest. My friend Lena and me decided to make them friends, so we all met together at the Lena's department in Saint-Petersburg.
First of all, I want to thank dear Jackie and dear Kath for such wonderful contests for us, Jackie's fans, and for the opportunity to win some very nice prizes! Lena said her "thanks" earlier, so this is mine:

Lena's "thankful heart with wings"

My little bear (his name is Possy, from the word "positive") very liked Lena's flat! Besides, there is the beautiful corner with chinese attributes, so he and Lena's bear Satty (from the word "satiric") with pleasure made photos next to them:


WOW! The photo of Jackie Chan!!! It is quite necessary to stay by:

Hey, Jackie inspired us to make some acrobatic tricks!

Possy is a winner!..

Okay, okay, the equity is the first of all:

That moment Lena and me saw their "jokes" and quickly brought them to the kitchen to eat delicious fish and to drink some red wine for friendship. Because it is almost a miracle - two buddy-bears in Russia, in the same city and now belong to the best friends! Of course they must be friends too! We tried to suggest our bears this idea:

Then we let them go to the room again and devoted ourselves to very pleasure business:

But our brave bears after red wine wanted to know who is the "real bear", and

Ufffffff, draw game.

Hey, you two, you need to be peaceful and tolerant to others! Look, Lena's plush bear is not fighting!

Hmmm, he is so big! Okay, we need to be peaceful and tolerant for a while.

We need to be as such friends as two hands of one person!

And also we can be another two New Little Fortunes for Jackie (with our owners - four!)





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