Here are the questions and answers which were posted on the E! Online Celebrity Q & A in September, 2002. Click here to link to the site. Click here to read Jackie's 1997 Q & A. Click here to read his 2001 interview (plus see video of Jackie describing one of the stunts from Rush Hour 2)

From caladon: How does it feel to be an animated character?
I've always wanted to be animated, because when I was young, I watched a lot of cartoons. My heroes were Batman and Superman. I never thought that one day I would have my own cartoon. I never imagined it; I just did my thing. And then Columbia TriStar said, "Do you want your own cartoon?" and I said, "Yes!" I never asked how much they would pay me. If they gave me $10, I would do it. And one more thing, cartoons never get old. I never have to break my ankle.

From sircharles34: If your cartoon character could team with Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck, who would you choose for him?
Bugs Bunny.

From kimad: If you could meet your hero, who would he or she be?
Oh, there's so many. When I was young, it was Superman, Batman. But always, it's really been firemen, policemen. That's why I always play a good policeman. People who help people have always been my heroes.

From pocketpimp24_7: What was the scariest stunt you ever performed?
Actually, all of the stunts are scary. I couldn't say which one was scariest. So many of them are things I don't do every day. Punch-kicking I do every day, but jump off a building, backward ski, roll under the car I don't do everyday. After I created myself as an action hero, they tell me to jump from this building to that one. Okay, wow, I'll do it, but it's scary. I'm scared all the time, but I have to do it.

From mett_tha_playa: I recently read your autobiography, in which you mention doing a movie based on your father's life. When will we see it?
It's done. I've just finished it. Now my manager is talking with Miramax about it. There's no title to it yet, but it's my father's life. Two or three years ago, I was with my father and he said, "Son, there's something I have to tell you before I die." I was shocked. "What is it; what's happening?" He said, "Someday I might slip and never get up, and I want you to know something." I was really curious, but I said, "Don't tell me right now, let me set up a camera." I wanted to document it. Then I finished writing the script and made the movie.

From jumpnjak: You are such a great comedic actor! Have you considered taking more dramatic roles?
I would love for someone to come up to me with a script like Spy Game or Gladiator, where the fighting is not that important. It's the story. Nobody wants me to act. They want Rush Hour 3, Shanghai Dawn. They never think of me for serious scripts. If Spy Game 2 comes around, they'll think of Robert De Niro, but they'd never think of me.

From gambitized: Just how many bones have you broken in your career?
I cannot remember--a lot! My arms, shoulders, ribs. Crack, crack, crack. Broken, broken, broken.


From jackiechanfan: Which of your characters is most like Jackie Chan?
The ones in Armour of God, Police Story. When I'm directing myself, it's almost just like me. Everything from my life, I put into my movies.

From brent_carey: Do you practice the martial aspects of kung fu? What is your daily training routine?
I've practiced southern-style, northern-style. When I was young, and crazy about martial arts, I studied hapkido, judo, boxing, all kinds. Now, my style is like chop suey--everything. Every day I'm doing CableFlex, light weights--no more than 20 pounds. I can't get too big. I have to stay slim so I can move. A lot of jogging, quick walking. Quick walk for 20 minutes everyday, it's the best! Good for the heart, good for everything.

From astrokat: We know you love cars, but what about motorcycles? What's your favorite bike?
I have to say Yamaha, because I have a relationship with them. I use them for all of my movies. For cars, it's Mitsubishi. The Japanese companies give me a lot of money to do their commercials. Plus, I trust them, and loyalty is very important. A few days ago, I did some MTV thing, and they gave me a Lexus to use, but I called up Mitsubishi and said, "Send me a car."

From angiepauley: What is your favorite place to visit?
Really hard to say. I'd like a place like Vancouver, with people like the Japanese and ruled by Singapore. I think it's about having the right timing when you're in a place. Vancouver has lots of parks. The Japanese are very polite, it's very clean there. Singapore is very disciplined. I like discipline. Seven o'clock call time on the set? I'm dressed and ready. So, if we had this type of country, I would like it. I like L.A., but sometimes I don't like L.A. I like Japan, but sometimes I don't like Japan. I like Singapore, but there're some things I don't like about Singapore. Hard to say. Everywhere the same, in some ways. You go to Beijing, and there's a Starbucks!

From nick.v: Will Police Story 5 ever get made?
Yes. I already have a story; I just don't know when. My schedule's fully booked. I do have a Police Story 5. I have an Armour of God 3. The scripts are both ready to go. I just don't have time.

From patbooks: Do you have any control over the changes made to your films by American distributors?
Now, yes. Before, I had to really trust American marketing, when they said, "Jackie, we have to cut this or do that." And I said, "Okay," because I didn't know American culture. But after I started hearing from the fans, "Jackie, we don't like this version; we like the Chinese version," then I realized they cut the wrong things. From now on, if they want to cut my movie, I'm not going to do the promotion. Now, they listen to me.

From jellybnz: How long before you retire?
Three years ago, I said five years. Now, you ask me...hmmm...maybe another five years. I have no idea. I'm not as fast as I was before. People say, "You're still so good, so physical--how do you do it?" I have a special trick: I do my own choreography. I do all the action. Before I would do jump kicks, but now I can't do them as high as before. So, what can I do? I have someone push me, then I can run two steps to do the jump kick, but the audience doesn't know. It really helps, and I can make myself look good.

From baihaolin: How did you start your cups-and-saucers collection?
When I made Rumble in the Bronx in Vancouver, my art director gave me a cup and saucer. And he said, "They're antiques," and gave them to me as a gift, adding, "I hope you like them." And I said, "What is it?" He said it was bone china. And I started collecting them. Now I have 1,200 cups and saucers in my office. Wherever I go, I get them. I just buy it--all vintage.

From jf01: How many tuxedos did you have to wear to film The Tuxedo?
I had 300. All Giorgio Armani. It was amazing. They were just all hanging there. Whenever I'd sit down too long and get up, they had me change into a new one.

From victoriapeak: Any chance we'll see and hear you sing in a movie?
I keep asking my manager about it. Now I want to sing American songs. [Breaks into song.] "Wise men say...only fools rush in, but I can't help...falling in love with you." I hope so, yes.

From jf01: Do ever dream in English?
No. Always Chinese.