Sadly, Kendra and Min-Ha's beloved cat recently died of Feline Leukemia. The Kids Corner sends its condolences. Click here to read a really nice poem that might make you feel better if you have ever lost a pet.


Kendra and Min-Ha adopted Dragon and Tuxedo as kittens, in fact all our animals have been rescued here on Guam. Min-Ha named him Dragon after Jackie and because she was born in the year of the Dragon. In 1997 (when we were here the first time) we adopted Salem and Kitryna. In 2003 we adopted Dragon and Tuxedo. Also Kendra helped me rescue a "Boonie Dog" (dogs and cats are called boonie if they have no home) that was on the run for eight years. We named him Tucker. He has a disease that ticks cause and needs medication and his foot was also crushed and he has to have a toe amputated. After Christmas, I was given a one week old boonie kitten to foster. It was near death, but is doing great. Kendra named him Major and helps out a great deal feeding him his bottle and teaching him to play. Unfortunately, here on the Island there really is no animal control or laws, so people treat their pets terribly. There are at least 200,000 boonie dogs and cats on an island only 37 miles long and 11 miles wide. Kendra and I feel so sorry for the cats and dogs. I know we can't save them all, but if we can save one life then we feel we've done our part. I'm sending you a picture of Tucker as well.