Me with my favorite Buddy Bear



I have not met Jackie nor got an autograph before but one day I hope I will meet him.

One of my friends at school lived in Hong Kong and said that he has met him before! I asked him a lot about him, and all he could say was, "He is one of the nicest, hardest-working people I have ever met!" He had spent a whole day with him!

Almost every night I watch one of his movies and never get bored with them. After watching so many of his films over and over, and starting to read his autobiography, it made me want to do a Martial Arts. I started Ninjutsu, the art of the Ninja. Also, soon I may start Kung Fu.

I so want to go to one of the movie premieres and see him in the flesh, or maybe even get an autograph. As I read on one of the message boards, it has been proved possible.

So good-bye my fellow Jackie fans, love and peace stay safe.