Mission Statement
(a fancy way of saying, "Hey! This club is all about
something and I'm going to tell you what that is.")

Most fan clubs spend a lot of time talking about the celebrity that they all love and admire and this fan club will be no exception. The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids will be a place where kids can find information about Jackie, news about Jackie, pictures of Jackie, discussion about Jackie….you know…..Jackie! Jackie! Jackie!
BUT! This club will go beyond that. It will be much more. Here are some of the goals of the fan club:
· to bring together Jackie's younger fans from all over the world
· to promote international friendship
· to encourage acts of charity and volunteerism (this means helping other people)
· to encourage creativity in the form of stories, drawings, jokes, and letters
· to promote a healthy lifestyle

So you see that we want the Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids to be something really special…something that not only pays tribute to Jackie, but something that makes him PROUD! Wouldn't it be so cool to make Jackie proud of us? Wouldn't it be cool to help someone? And don't worry - there are a lot of ways to help others (even if you're a kid).




©2002 Katharine Schroeder/The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids