From Magali, age 15 (Mexico)

Hi Dear Jackie:

I want to say "Thank you" for this forum [the Jackie Chan Kids Corner forum], it is great!!!! Thanks to the forum I have friends from the entire world!!! (Jackie Liu, Matty, Kath, Lisa - I can't mention all the members HA HA!) It is one of the best gifts you can give us.

You are my idol in all the aspects, you are my impulse in my life and my dreams, you have been my support in my familiar problems. This summer I will visit your star in Hollywood! And I hope to meet Julia from the USA (one member from the forum and a great friend). Take care, don't forget your fan from Mexico! Please continue to make movies and being a great philanthropist.

Love, Magali


From Julia, age 13 (USA)

Dear Jackie Chan:

My name is Julia, I am 13 years old, and I live in the USA. I wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me and I am happy that this world has someone as kind and caring as you! Thank you for making great movies I can watch and music I can listen to. I pray you will always be the great person you are! God Bless!



From Kerstin, Adult (Germany)

Hi Jackie,

At first I will thank you for all that you do for so many people of the world. Especially for those who are not blessed with luck. You are so helpful and nice. That's the reason why so many people love you. And of course, your movies. They are all great.

Best regards from Germany, Kerstin


From Yuris, Teenager (Holland)

Dear Jackie Chan,

I am Yuris Sudrajat. I live in Holland but I'm born in Indonesia. Jackie you are my hero and my role-model. Your movies are the best and I love your music. Thanks for doing the good things.



From Pinar, age 14 (Turkey)

Dear Jackie,

I am Pinar. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I am 14 years old and I love you very much. I am happy because I know you and I have lots of friends at your Kids Corner Forum. Thanks for everything. Please be careful because I fear when you do dangerous stunts. Never stop making movies and don't forget I always love you and am nothing without you...


From Kai

My name is Kai. I am Scots-Irish and Vietnamese. I know, weird combination. My Ma is Caucasian and Ba is Vietnamese. My Ba (Dad) says he was happy to see you. Jackie cared enough for his people to go there and bring attention to their situation in Vietnam. My parents have prejudices against them here but they don't let it stop them from being good people and loving parents. Some day we hope to return to Vietnam and also be helpful to our people and see family I have never met. Thank you again, Jackie and please continue your good work!


From Heidi, Adult (Germany)

Dear Jackie,

You have brought so much sunshine in my life with your warm personality and positive attitude. Through some hard times you helped me and gave me a lot of strength. Thank you also for the many friends I have found all around the world through the [message] boards. Please take care of yourself. You don't need to do dangerous stunts for being loved, you are a great actor!

Love, Heidi from Germany


From Haarsha, Adult (South Africa)

Dear Jackie,

Many people enter our lives for a reason. You are like a bright shining light that has helped me find my path in life. You have helped me heal. For that, I will always love you.

Love, Haarsha, South Africa


From Silke and Maike (Germany)

Dear Jackie,

I'm Silke from Germany.

My 11-aged daughter Maike and me love your movies and also your music very much! Let me tell you a huge "Thank you!" for all the joy you bring in our lives with your wonderful movies and your songs. Take also our big admiration because of your great charity-work! Dear Jackie, please stay healthy every time.

Lots of love, Silke and Maike


From Lika, Adult (Germany)

Hi, Jackie! I'm Lika from Germany. Hmmmmmm, I'm not sure what to write now, but you're greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat...erhem...I'm not good in finding words, sorry....should better draw *gg*


From Carol, Adult (Scotland)

Hi Jackie! Carol from Bonnie Scotland here. Matty has come up with this wonderful idea - isn't that great? I have found many great friends through the Kids corner Forum and I enjoy the fun we have here too. Love to you Jackie and the JC Group and also Jones. I'm in love with him!! Ha ha!!

Love, Carol xxx (P.S. You look great in orange.)


From Dagmar, Adult (Slovak Republic)

Dear Jackie,

My name is Dagmar and I am from Slovak Republic. I want to thank you in the name of all your devoted fans in my country for you love to people, animals, and nature, for your cast to help everyone who needs help no matter how busy you are. Never will be born such an artist as you. Please, continue with making your wonderful movies, we can't live without them; we can't live without your beautiful and warmhearted person.

Your true fan, Dagmar.


From Mazz, Adult (UK)

I am Mazz from the UK and I would just like to thank you, Jackie, for making me so happy with your films and music. Your work has supported me through a rough time I have had these last few years and I know that you will help me to smile when I am sad. I thank you Jackie so much! I would just like you to know Jackie how much I and all your fans really appreciate all your hard work. You are a man that I truly admire; a man that I have much respect for. Thank you, Jackie so much. You are great!


From Victoria, Adult (UK)

Jackie, you are a wonderful person and all of us are big fans of yours here at Jackie Chan Kids Forum. Sincerely, Victoria.


And finally, from Matty, age 14 (Australia):

What wonderful fans you have, Jackie. I have made friends from across the world and that was your goal. Your goal is complete.