The Jackie Chan Concert That Wasn't



Music! Jackie is a music maker. Sure we didn't hear him sing at the concert, but we heard music all the time. We heard every kind of music there is. We heard Chinese singers in the music stores in Chinatown. We heard beautiful, soft instrumental music in some of the Chinatown shops. We heard loud music in the MTV store. We heard live wood pipe music played by a group of men on the street. We heard guitar music from the man in the subway. We heard music come from a bucket a man on the street was tapping on. Music was everywhere. Not just at a concert hall.
Wood Pipe musicians on the street in New York City
One of the most disappointing things about the cancellation of the concert was that we thought we would miss out on meeting other Kids Corner kids. Nic and Steph have been members from the beginning of the club and even attended the fan club party in Hong Kong. But they have never had the opportunity to meet other Kids Corner kids. Well, we all had the extreme pleasure of meeting a fantastic Kids Corner Kid. Kath's son Dan is a wonderful representative of a Kids Corner Kid. Jackie would be so proud of him. Dan lives the way Jackie wishes most people would live. Dan was so sweet and happy all the time. The smile rarely left his face. His energy and happiness just spills over onto anyone he is around. He was always very polite and quick to make positive comments to everyone. He immediately made Nic and Steph feel welcome and at ease. His energy and love for people was incredible. Doesn't this sound just like a certain man we all know of who was born in Hong Kong and just celebrated his 50th birthday? At the young age of 15, Dan already has so many of the traits we admire in Jackie. It was a pleasure to meet him and spend time with him.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING! This is the first photo of original Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids members getting together. Here are Dan, Steph, and Nic pictured in front of FAO Schwarz toy store in New York City

Now we can't leave Kath out. Yes, she's not Jackie, and I don't even know if she can sing and I'm fairly certain she doesn't know kung-fu. But she was very entertaining nonetheless. Like Jackie, she has a wonderful sense of humor. She constantly had us all in stitches. Occasionally we would get in some frustrating situations. Like when we got off the subway at the wrong place and couldn't quite figure out where we were. And when we took the three-hour boat tour that we wished had been only two hours (perhaps even just one hour). And when we went to a restaurant that didn't give us very good service. Kath always had a joke or something silly to say that made the situation fun. Frustration was replaced with a laugh. Sure Kath has a New York accent, not a Chinese accent. But like Jackie, she's always got a good joke for you or a silly thing to say to make you feel happy.
Yes, we were bummed we didn't get to see Jackie and hear him sing at the concert. But Jackie was with us in spirit through the whole trip. We met interesting people, we laughed, we ate noodles, we embraced a city other than our own. We had a Jackie kind of time, even though Jackie wasn't there.
Steph enjoying a New York City subway ride
Chinatown lion



Story and photos by Lisa Schwark

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