My Jackie Story

by Angela Latif

My name is Angela I live in the North East of the UK. I have been a Jackie Chan fan for as long as I can remember!

Why?? Well I think he is the most amazing action star on this Earth, but he can also produce, direct, and choreograph his movies. Okay, we all know he does the amazing stunts that hold us breathless in awe and wonder too. I love his movies; they're really good! He can portray action, sadness, comedy, and seriousness on that pliable cute face of his.
Some of my favourite movies are Drunken Master, Drunken Master 2, Crime Story, and
the Lucky Stars movies. I especially like Wheels on Meals as I am also a big Yuen Biao fan and think when the three brothers (including Sammo) are together they are brilliant. You can see they know each other inside out! I also love Accidental Spy, Spiritual Kung Fu and Fearless Hyena. I love to see Jackie when he wears women's clothes, and acts like a lady (which he also seems to like and carry off better than some women do).

And he also sings! I have 10+ music CDs and 16 VCDs and DVDs of his music.
He has this amazing voice and even for the non-native speaking fan ( i.e. if one doesn't speak Mandarin or Cantonese) you can still enjoy his music.
He has a totally mesmerizing voice. I especially like to hear him sing in English. My fave track is "Love Me" which of course I do!

I listen to his music daily. Not one day goes by without something on the CD player or on my portable MP3 hard disc player. I love his passion and voice so much; he makes me feel so good when I listen! He can also make me feel happier if I am a little down.

I have written many times and had replies and signed pics. He touched us by sending us photos of himself holding the tiles we did for him. It all takes time which we all know Jackie has precious little of.

My kids even follow his example each time they get new coats, etc. they won't let me throw them away. They take them to the Salvation Army charity clothes bins and deposit for someone else to have the use of them. This was because they heard Jackie gives out coats to the HK homeless each winter and they wanted to follow his example!

But the thing I admire Jackie for most is his kindness, humility, and compassion. He cares about everything: his family, his movies, the poor, the needy, and his fans. How many stars give so much to their fans and to help charity? We only hear of half of what he does to help others; he doesn't do it for the acknowledgement. He does it because he can. He has been the poor needy person, the person at the bottom. and he worked his way up the hard ladder of life and he gives his time, money, and effort to others. Not many can say that without doing it for recognition

Jackie did something for me which was immeasurable he showed me a warmth and kindness that is a true gift. You see I have some dark things in my past like many of us do, and through this (he knows the ins and outs which are not important in this) I lost touch with my mother (and a kid's life is hard without one!) and it was like this for over 15 years even though I am a grown up it still hurt so very badly.
Anyway sadly my mother contracted a grave illness and died without us ever meeting again. So you can imagine some of the pain one would feel not only loosing a mother but not being there through no fault of my own. Well I have an uncertain medical future in the long term and of course this doesn't help me, or my family. The Hospice that my mother spent a lot of respite care in is trying to build a new unit to house people on a night also.
And this will cost millions so as a tribute to my mother, whom I found out was also a HUGE JC fan, I wrote to Jackie told him of my story (in detail) and asked if maybe he could help me help them. I wrote to him via a Berlin film set and thought no more about it, thinking he probably not get it or be to busy to be able to respond!
He astonished me at his prompt reply (within a week) and beautiful surprise: he wrote a letter to me! It was a most beautiful letter of love and encouragement. He even wrote me a poem! And he enclosed a signed photo and a tee-shirt.


The pictures are Kady holding the back face of the tee and Elly holding up the front.
So I put it on Ebay and auctioned it off, and paid the monies to the hospice!
Then weeks later he wrote my story in his diary which was amazing.

Everyone who I have told of what Jackie did cannot express anything but nice words on his wonderful actions. He impressed into me again how kind and compassionate he is. However the big star, he still cares! Jackie is a true hero more than anything he could play in the movies. He has kindness and honesty - virtues many lack these days. He is a role model to us all.

That is why I support him in all he does: movies, music, life. He is a good man and deserves everything he gets.