Hello Kids Corner,

My name is Taras.  First of all, I want to say thank
you to the JackieChan.com webmaster(s) for providing interesting stories and information about Jackie Chan and the people around him.

I have visited the kids corner...and saw the pets
named after Jackie. On December 2, 2006 my girlfriend and I bought a little puppy (pictures attached), who was 8 weeks old.  We went through 3 names, and on the fourth I proposed JACKIE...and luckily, she accepted it.  I don't know if she knows that it was after Mr. Chan...I guess she does, since I am his fan.  I asked her if she really wants to go with Jackie, because I hope it's not a favor to me.  And she said, "Jackie is perfect because the puppy is so cute..."  In my mind, of course, Jackie was in honor of Mr. Chan.

The puppy is of a Chinese breed "Shi Tzu" (small lion
in Chinese).  No wonder why naming the puppy after
Jackie also had this relevance.

Anyways, just wanted to share this little story.

Thank You.

Puppy "Jackie"
Breed: Shi-Tzu   Age: 11 weeks right now
Color: White/Brown  and beautiful eyes
Owners: Tamara and Taras

Tamara and Jackie

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