My Dog Princess Pei-Pei by Robyn Steed
When I was 15 years old I wanted a Yorkshire Terrier. I didn't know they were expensive little dogs, and my parents couldn't afford one. When I turned 39 years old I was finally able to purchase a Yorkie for only $300.  I picked the most relaxed puppy. She seemed to have a calm personality.

As a fan of Jackie's, I wanted to give her a Chinese name.  From watching almost every film Jackie has made, I had a lot of names to choose from. I narrowed it down to Fei-Ping or Pei-Pei. She actually chose her name, as she responded the best to being called Pei-Pei. She seemed to like the sound of it.  Since I had to register her with the AKC, I needed a longer name, so she was registered as "Princess Pei-Pei Steed". 

She is a sweet little dog and a very good friend.  She loves to play & explore & has many toys (she has her own basket and pulls out all her toys to show everyone when I have company).  She even has a sleep over a couple of times a month, staying over the weekend with a friend of mine who also adores her!  She has a birthday party every year (her birthday is June 6th), and she even has great fun celebrating Christmas (she searches the home for MORE gifts the rest of the day)!  I don't know what I'd do without her.

A while back I read a comment Jackie made about how he felt bad when Jones ran away and wondered what he had done wrong to cause Jones to want to leave.  That made me sad, so I wrote him a letter to explain that puppies/dogs don't "run away", they go exploring.  My little Pei-Pei has run off a few times and I have been very lucky to get her back.  Dogs go exploring, they don't realize they may not find their way home again.  They don't know why they're not allowed out of a fence or gate and when they see a chance to get out, they want to know what the world is like beyond that gate.  I had a spare photo of Pei-Pei and sent it along with the letter.

I figured Jackie would be too busy to read my letter but it made me feel better to write it.  To my surprise, as I was looking through my mail one afternoon about a month later, I saw an envelope from Hong Kong that I was not expecting.  I opened it up to see that Jackie had taken the time to autograph the photo of Pei-Pei I had sent to him!  That really touched my heart, that he would take the time to do that as I've been reading how BUSY his schedule has been for the month of September!

Thank you, Kath, for showing it to him & thank you, Jackie Chan, for taking a moment to express your kindness to someone far away that cares about you and your dogs!

Love to ALL,

Robyn Steed