World in Harmony

April 2, 2004, Beijing - JC Collection translates the most updated fashion elements into an enchanting fall and winter collection for 2004/05.
Minimalism in menswear has finally returned to backstage, leaving the catwalk for retro styles and traditional details. JC's designers lead us to embrace nature by taking aspirations from such natural elements as nuts, fruits, rock and sand. One example is the use of silky or matt and rough fabrics with inspirations from a "nutshell".

Natural fabrics and leather are the mainstay of woven garments this season. The refined but unpretentious feel is delivered by the touch and structure of the fabrics.

The feel of the fabric is important for this season: it is soft to the touch and gives a touch of the nature. The tough texture is not roughness in the traditional way but a refined version of natural senses. It is a hidden delicacy that is created with the use of USA cotton and wool to make denim smooth and soft. The structure and feel of the fabrics are displayed on strong colour contrasts to send out the most updated fashion elements of this fall and winter.

Yarn chosen for this season ranges from the velvety Italian cashmere to Chinese wool that is raw but warm hand-knitted to the feel. In short, yarn is as soft as sponge, one of the elements that JC designers have picked up from nature apart from the rusts and weathered tree trunks in a winter forest. Simple knitting helps feature the interesting structures of yarn. Yarns are made from a mix of a variety of materials, from the predominant wool to blends with synthetics or cashmere, but all geared towards mother nature. These are all created under stringent Japanese quality assurance standards.

When retro and new wave meet with sportive chic, interesting chemistry is created and presented in a jacket collection that is zipped up in the most innovative way. Soft lines and fitted cuts are crucial, and casualness is redefined to retain the haute couture elegance. Conventional shirts are carried without ties and go with leather jackets to give a new URBANE and carefree attitude.

The "Progressive Force" series will definitely catch everybody's attention. Here nature is expressed in the special coating of the fabrics, which after several treatment procedures, resemble dry leaves and soft rusts on tree trunks. Styling details of this collection, such as the unsealed borders, project the unsophisticated influence of nature. Key items of this collection include down jackets made from Italian leather.

Bold lines and elegant design details of Italian executive wear is a major part of JC Collection. The use of exquisite Italian fabrics such as 120s wool blended with silk, coupled with the world's best craftsmanship, is critical to the construction of this exclusive line.

Subtle, natural colours and the forever appealing black will take the lead, with shades of grey and beige to add flavours to the overall palette. To put nature in fashion, designers have used raw hues such as unbleached colours of white, beige and brown tones for denim that is enhanced by new washing and coating technologies. A combination of rock grounding, sand spraying, hand brushing and yeasting gives new personality to denim. The retro and natural faded look is in fact the result of the most detailed handicraft.
JC Collection's fall/winter collection is a natural progression of Mr Jackie Chan's philosophy of bringing together the unique resources, expertise, arts and technologies across the globe to create a "World in Harmony".