The Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill is a compound of buildings which was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty architecture. The nunnery was founded in the 1930s and a massive renovation was undertaken in the 1980s. All of the buildings are put together without the use of nails! It is a beautiful, peaceful place with lotus ponds and bonsai trees. When you stand in the courtyard, you can almost believe that you have been transported back in time to the First Century! And if you use your imagination, you can see Jackie's character from Shanghai Noon running down the corridors, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Princess.

The Nunnery faces south, with the back at the base of the mountain and the front facing the sea. It is sheltered on the left by the Mountain of Compassionate Clouds and guarded on the right by Lion Rock.

The lotus ponds in the "First Yard." The layout of the Chi Lin Monastery emphasizes the open space and harmony between Heaven and Earth.

The Chinese believe that the use of wood to build houses extends the life span of trees and they in turn fill the buildings with life.

A very peaceful and lovely lotus pond.

An ornamental dragon water spout in the lotus pond. In China, the dragon is a symbol of celestial (Heavenly) and terrestrial (Earthly) power, wisdom, and strength. According to Chinese mythology, the dragon controls the rainfall.

Delicate lotus flowers float on the pond's surface. In Chinese culture, the lotus flower symbolizes purity.

Another view of the water spout.

You can just imagine Jackie's Imperial Guard character from Shanghai Noon running up this corridor.


One of the ornamental lanterns in the main courtyard.


This planter is decorated with Chinese carvings.



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