Jackie Makes a Little Girl's Dream Come True

by Diane Lesley



Myself and my husband and two daughters, Emma and Layla, were also lucky enough to be there opposite Lynsey! [Diane is referring to Lynsey Calver, who was also at the Around the World in 80 Days London premiere and wrote a story about it.] We took Layla along as she wanted to give Jackie a drawing she had done. Because she is in a wheelchair we asked a policeman if she could be sited somewhere close to the barriers as there were so many people. As the barriers were so high she couldn't see over. Before we knew what was happening they had taken the four of us down the red carpet and placed us next to the press enclosure!

We were just so lucky!

When Jackie arrived the crowd just started erupting and he run down the line of fans opposite us slapping their hands and smiling. When he got level with us we called to him and he turned and shouted that he would come back to us! I was so amazed at his kindness because despite all the hundreds of people calling for his attention he was as good as his word and came over and spoke to Layla - he took her drawing and thanked her, signed her sister Emma's homework book. We thanked Jackie and shook hands with him and then to Layla's amazement he got right down, held her head and gave her the biggest kiss! He really made one little girls day! My only regret is that I was so stunned I didn't take the all important photo! LOL

What a genuinely lovely man.

I did take 20 photos but have to confess most of them were of my feet and the sky! I did however manage three. My photography is usually much better but I think excitement took over! Even my husband had to keep telling me to breathe!