Imagine this: it's your birthday. You go to your mailbox and you see that someone has sent you a card. So you open it up and inside you find a birthday card signed by none other than Jackie Chan? Wow!!

Well, it could happen to you. Each month one lucky Kids Club member will be chosen (at random) to receive one of the awesome hand-autographed birthday cards that Jackie was nice enough to sign. Imagine opening the card and seeing something like this:

If you're a Kids Club member, just make sure that you wrote down your birthday when you joined (especially if you joined using PayPal or if you joined using the form at Kevin's site at because there was no request for your birthdate on those forms). If you are not a Kids Club member, then why not join now? Click here for information.

If you're unsure about whether you sent in your birthday, just send an email to the club president (that would be me) and let me know what the date is!

Many thanks to Jackie for taking the time out to individually sign a whole bunch of hand-decorated birthday cards for the Kids Club!! The Kids Club ROCKS!


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